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Histone chaperones play critical roles in regulated structural transitions of chromatin in eukaryotic cells that involve nucleosome disassembly and reassembly. The histone chaperone FACT is a heterodimeric complex consisting in plants and metazoa of SSRP1/SPT16 and is involved in dynamic nucleosome...

Pfab, A.; Grønlund, J. T.; Holzinger, P.; Längst, G.; Grasser, K. D.
Elsevier Ltd
Journal of Molecular Biology, 2018, 430, 17, pp 2747-2759
CAB ReviewFull Text

Advances in genomic technologies have decreased costs associated with research and led to a better understanding of the impact of genetic variations on livestock production traits. In this context, the collection of abundant, accurate phenotypic data has often become the limiting factor in the...

September 2018
animal production; bioinformatics; domestic animals; functional genomics; gene expression; genes; genetic variation; genome analysis; genotypes; livestock; performance traits; phenotypes; traits
Juárez, M.; Roberts, J. C.; López-Campos, O.; Prieto, N.; Aalhus, J. L.
News Article

Gene editing could boost pig sperm stocks from prized animals

The surrogates have functional testes but do not have specialised stem cells that are required to produce sperm containing their own genetic...

January 2017
David Hemming
AbstractFull Text

Many species in the genera Coilia and Sardinella are similar in morphology, so dealing with identification of these species is very difficult and the separation of taxa has been mainly on the basis of fresh colouration. C. dussumieri and S. gibbosa were confirmed by conventional taxonomic methods...

Devanand, T. N.; Naveenkumar, B. T.; Chitra Soman; Anjanayappa, H. N.; Mansing Naik; Sathish, R. P.; Ajaykumar Kagalgomb
Dr P. R. Yadav
Journal of Experimental Zoology, India, 2018, 21, 2, pp 1207-1211

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