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4 - 8 February 2017 - Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL
North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) Headquarters,
Contact Details
5003 SW 41 Blvd., Gainesville, FL 32608, USA.
+1 352.375.5672
+1 800.756.3446
News Article

With findings from a retrospective study, a team at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine has found that a common diagnostic...

May 2016

This study explored the range of bacterial taxa present within healthy subgingival (below the gum-line) niches in the horse oral cavity using 16S rRNA gene amplicon pyrosequencing. Pooled subgingival plaque samples were collected from approximately 200 sulcus sites from two horses (EQ1, EQ2) for...

Gao WenLing; Chan YuKi; You Meng; Lacap-Bugler, D. C.; Leung, W. K.; Watt, R. M.
Elsevier Ltd
Microbial Pathogenesis, 2016, 94, pp 76-89
CABI Book Info
Cover for Equine thermography in practice.

This book contains illustrated chapters on the principles, procedures, equipment, interpretation, development and application of thermography in horses. It will be of value as a reference work for equine thermographers, veterinarians, therapists, farriers, riders, trainers and other members of the...

Soroko, M.; Davies Morel, M. C. G.
2016 CABI (H ISBN 9781780647876)

Perkinsosis is a disease of gastropod and bivalve molluscs caused by protozoan parasites of the Perkinsus genus. These parasites...

CAB ReviewFull Text

Postweaning diarrhoea (PWD) is a significant enteric disease causing considerable economic losses for the pig industry. Among several aetiological risk factors, enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) is considered to be a major cause. After being routinely used for several decades to control...

March 2016
animal nutrition; bacterial diseases; casein; colostrum; diets; enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli; Escherichia coli infections; immunity; immunomodulatory properties; intestines; lactoferrin; milk products; morbidity; mortality; oligosaccharides; piglet feeding; piglets; reviews; swine diseases; whey; zinc oxide
Sugiharto, S.; Jensen, B. B.; Jensen, K. H.; Lauridsen, C.
Recommended Article

Invited review: inflammation during the transition to lactation: new adventures with an old flame.

February 2016
Bradford, B. J., Yuan, K., Farney, J. K., Mamedova, L. K., Carpenter, A. J.
Journal of Dairy Science 2015 98 10 6631-6650
AbstractFull Text

Introduction: Protein malnutrition increases the sensitivity to septic shock by impairing antioxidation and immune response. Based on the potent antioxidant effects of silymarin, the putative protective role of silymarin against sepsis-induced oxidative damage in protein malnourished rats was...

Alhamdan, A. A.
Malaysian Journal of Nutrition
Malaysian Journal of Nutrition, 2016, 22, 1, pp 137-151
AbstractFull Text

A field experiment was conducted at the Spices Research Centre, Shibgonj, Bogra, Bangladesh during rabi (winter) seasons of 2008-09 and 2009-10 to determine the requirement of Zn, Cu, B and Mo of garlic (BARI Garlic 2) along with a blanket dose of cowdung 5 t, 100 kg N, 40 kg P, 100 kg K and 30 kg...

Yousuf, M. N.; Hasan, M. M.; Brahma, S.; Deeder Sultana; Kabir, A. H. M. F.
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI)
Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research, 2016, 41, 1, pp 85-90
AbstractFull Text

The experiments were carried out at the Regional Wheat Research Centre, Rajshahi of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) for two consecutive years, 2009-10 and 2010-11 to evaluate the agro-economic productivity of Wheat-Rice cropping sequence as influenced by integrated plant nutrition...

Hossain, M. S.; Sarkar, M. A. R.; Jahiruddin, M.; Chaki, A. K.; Khan, A. S. M. M. R.
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI)
Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research, 2016, 41, 1, pp 17-39
AbstractFull Text

This study evaluated the wood strength of Pinus sp. glued with five adhesives: urea formaldehyde (UF), tannin formaldehyde (TF), polyvinyl acetate (PVA), emulsion polymer isocyanate (EPI) and melamine urea formaldehyde (MUF). Adhesive with 300 g.m-2 weight and initial pressure of 1.2 MPa (UF and...

Gonçalves, F. G.; Segundinho, P. G. de A.; Schayder, L. F.; Tinti, V. P.; Santiago, S. B.
Universidade Federal de Pelotas
Ciência da Madeira, 2016, 7, 1, pp 42-50
AbstractFull Text

The orange peel, consisting of bark, seeds and pulp, is a by-product of adequate nutritional value for feeding to ruminants, as it has nutritional characteristics, such as energy and similar protein to corn, this byproduct is widely used in the Brazilian livestock, under the pelletized form, the...

Valença, R. de L.; Ferreira, A. C. D.; Santos, A. C. P. dos; Silva, B. C. D. da; Oliveira, V. da S.; Santana Neto, J. A.; Lima, J. U. do N.; Oliveira, E. S. de
Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC)
Revista de Ciências Agroveterinárias, 2016, 15, 1, pp 68-73

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