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For the first time, Enterobacteriaceae that carry a transmissible carbapenem resistance gene have been found on a livestock farm in the United...

December 2016

Understanding the traits that drive the demand for exotic pets is crucial for improving our ability to prevent the introduction of new invasive species. We investigated the factors influencing species availability within the Australian cagebird trade. We predicted that species price should be an...

Vall-Llosera, M.; Cassey, P.
Elsevier Ltd
Ecological Economics, 2017, 131, pp 407-413
CAB ReviewFull Text

Increased future demand of animal products as well as competition between food, feed and fuel, require efficient utilization of feed resources to strengthen environmental, economic and social sustainability of livestock systems. The objective of this review is to summarize current knowledge on...

December 2016
amino acids; cattle feeding; cows; dairy cattle; dairy cows; factors of production; feed conversion efficiency; feed formulation; feed intake; feeds; forage; milk production; nutrient balance; nutrition physiology; policy; pollutants; pollution control; productivity; rumen; socioeconomics; sustainability
Empel, M. J. van; Makkar, H. P. S.; Dijkstra, J.; Lund, P.

Bordetella bronchiseptica is a small Gram negative aerobic bacterium of the phylum Proteobacteria. Microscopically, small motile...


4 - 9 June 2017 - South Wharf, Victoria

South Wharf, Victoria
Australian Veterinary Association
Contact Details
National Office, Unit 40, 6 Herbert Street, St Leonards, NSW 2065, Australia.
+02 9431 5000
+02 9437 9068
CABI Book Info
Cover for Practical veterinary forensics.

The book serves as a reference for the reader to appreciate the current workload of a forensic vet and to provide an insight into the scale and complexity of the specialism that is veterinary forensics. Topics discussed are: introduction to veterinary forensics; forensic philosophy; law and...

Bailey, D.
2016 CABI (H ISBN 9781780642949)
Recommended Article

Invited review: inflammation during the transition to lactation: new adventures with an old flame.

February 2016
Bradford, B. J., Yuan, K., Farney, J. K., Mamedova, L. K., Carpenter, A. J.
Journal of Dairy Science 2015 98 10 6631-6650
AbstractFull Text

The effect was evaluated of energy supplementation with ground maize grain on the performance and behaviour of Anglo-Nubian goats under a silvopastoral system of leucena and tropical grasses. The experiment was carried out in an area of Leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) De Wit.) intercropped...

Carvalho, W. F. de; Oliveira, M. E. de; Alves, A. A.; Moura, R. L. de; Moura, R. M. de A. da S.
Centro de Ciencias Agrarias da Universidade Federal do Ceara
Revista Ciência Agronômica, 2017, 48, 1, pp 199-207
AbstractFull Text

Castor cake shows potential for use in sheep feed in semi-arid regions, but as a limitation, contains ricin, which can cause poisoning. The aim of his study was to evaluate the influence of diets containing castor cake on feeding behaviour, intake and performance in sheep. Twenty Morada Nova sheep...

Gomes, F. H. T.; Cândido, M. J. D.; Carneiro, M. S. de S.; Furtado, R. N.; Pereira, E. S.
Centro de Ciencias Agrarias da Universidade Federal do Ceara
Revista Ciência Agronômica, 2017, 48, 1, pp 182-190
AbstractFull Text

Tropilaelaps mites are an economically important pest of honeybee throughout Asia. The Tropilaelaps mites suck on the haemolymph of sealed brood to live, then leads to a large number of larvae and pupae cover deformation or death, and emerged workers showed deformity body, the productivity of the...

Zhao HongXia; Luo YueXiong; Liang Qin; Zhang XueFeng; Chen HuaSheng; Huang WenZhong
Guangdong Provincial Association for Science & Technology
Journal of Environmental Entomology, 2016, 38, 4, pp 852-856
AbstractFull Text

The design of traditional implements fulfilled the farming purpose with long exposure and understanding. However, there is plenty of scope to amend the design predicated on animal-machine-environment interaction so as to have more output, incremented efficiency and preserving the environment by...

D'Souza, P. M.; Jayant Singh; Singh, T. P.; Gope, P. C.; Singh, V. K.
G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology
International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research, 2016, 14, 2, pp 220-224
AbstractFull Text

Oral inoculation of rumen liquor, collected from fistulated bullock, was attempted in a total of 32 calves (20 crossbred and 12 Sahiwal cattle) following three different protocols, viz. beginning from 6, 11 and 16 days. Inoculum's amount began from 5 ml/day, with periodic increment of 5 ml/day,...

Kopal Bihari; Singh, D. V.; Sanjay Kumar; Palod, J.; Singh, S. K.; Anil Kumar
G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology
International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research, 2016, 14, 2, pp 215-219

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