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Multiple benefits seen with intensive feral cat neutering and adoption program

A study of a feline trap-neuter-return program by researchers at the University of Florida, has found that a targeted approach helped effectively...

August 2014

Risk assessment of human infection with avian influenza A (H7N9) virus in Taiwan.

This paper presents the findings of a systematic assessment conducted on the characteristics of the Avian influenza A (H7N9) virus, avian and environmental surveillance, the attributes of the human population at risk, human influenza infection morbidity and mortality in Taiwan, and the molecular...

Jian ShuWan; Liu DingPing; Chang FengYee
Elsevier Taiwan LLC
Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, 2014, 113, 7, pp 397-399
CAB ReviewFull Text

Claw health and floor type in group housed sows.

The objective of this review is to give an overview of the effect of floor types on claw health in group housed sows. The risk on lameness caused by the pen floor is increasing with group housing becoming more important. Lameness is a major welfare and production problem and often related to claw...

August 2014
animal behaviour; animal welfare; claws; floor area; floor type; floors; foot diseases; lactation; lameness; lesions; pregnancy; reviews; sows
Vermeer, H. M.; Vermeij, I.
CABI Book Info
Cover for Practical canine behaviour: for veterinary nurses and technicians.

Practical canine behaviour: for veterinary nurses and technicians.

The book is divided into four sections. The first section covers the relevant principles of normal canine behaviour and communication, how normal and problem behaviour develops, how it can be changed and the human-canine bond. Understanding of these principles will help inform the later sections of...

Hedges, S.
2014 CABI (H ISBN 9781780644301)

Complete Veterinary Care, San Diego

4 - 7 December 2014 - San Diego, California

San Diego, California
+1 800 255 6864 ext. 6
+1 913 871 3908
Cover for proliferative enteropathy

proliferative enteropathy

Lawsonia intracellularis is the cause of proliferative enteropathy (PE, ileitis), a common enteric disease affecting pigs raised under...

AbstractFull Text

Primary research on characteristics of zinc accumulation of different pig-on-litters.

In order to study zinc accumulation and activity in different fermentation mattresses and topsoil, three combinations of fermentation beds were selected: 40% rice husk+60% mushroom bran (FJ), 40% rice husk+60% sawdust (FD), 40% rice husk+60% vinasse (FW), to save economic costs and be suitable for...

Zhang LiPing; Sheng Jing; Sun GuoFeng; Zheng JianChu
Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment
Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment, 2014, 31, 1, pp 50-55
AbstractFull Text

Prevalence and antelmintic efficacy studies ongastrointestinal parasites of semi captive orangutans at Orang-Utan Island (OUI), Bukit Merah, Perak.

A total of 338 faecal samples are collected from 16 semi-captive orang utans (5 adults, 5 sub-adults, 6 juveniles) from December 2010 to October 2011. They are screened for gastrointestinal parasites using method of direct smear, faecal flotation, faecal sedimentation, faecal culture and McMaster...

Zary Shariman Yahaya; Dharmalingam, S. A.; Noorkhairiah Salleh
Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)
Journal of Oil Palm & the Environment, 2013, 4, pp 29-40
AbstractFull Text

Growth response, carcass and blood characteristics of finisher broilers fed sorghum offal meal as dietary supplement.

A 28 day feeding trial was conducted to determine the effect of feeding varying levels of sorghum offal meal (SGOM) diets on performance, carcass characteristics, hematological and serum indices of broiler finisher birds. Five broiler finisher diets were formulated to contain sorghum offal meal at...

Nkwocha, G. A.; Agbabiaka, L. A.; Anukam, K. U.; Beketin, T. O.
International Academic Journals
International Journal of AgriScience, 2014, 4, 7, pp 392-398
AbstractFull Text

Effects of mannan oligosaccharides on ileal digestibility of nutrients and microbial populations in the ceca of broiler chickens.

Different levels of dietary mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) and Avilamycin administered to commercial broilers were evaluated for their efficacy on performance, ileal digestibility of nutrients and microbial activity in the digestive tract. Dietary treatments included an antibiotic-free diet (CTL-), a...

Afrouziyeh, M.; Hanifian, S.; Taghinejad, M.
Shamokal Publications
International Journal of Biosciences (IJB), 2014, 5, 1, pp 373-380
AbstractFull Text

Prevalence of hypoderma infestation and cattle hypodermosis in Tabriz slaughterhouse, Iran.

To determine the infestation status of the species in four seasons Hypoderma in Tabriz abattoir took on the cows. The study area Hypoderma bovis was the predominant species in cattle. Out of 400 cattle examined, 55 (13/75%) were infested with warble fly in the slaughter house. Highest prevalence of...

Yagoob, G.; Mohammad, M.; Saeed, Y.
Shamokal Publications
International Journal of Biosciences (IJB), 2014, 5, 1, pp 323-327

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