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  • 09 February 2017

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List of Species

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The table lists the species recorded in the Compendium for this region (from the full species datasheets). It includes species that are invasive in this region, those for which there is no data on invasive status, and also species that are not invasive in the region but are reported as invasive elsewhere. This summary table is based on all the information available. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the distribution record. For further information, please follow the link to the datasheet.

Hypogeococcus pungens (cactus mealybug) Present Introduced German-Ramirez et al., 2014; Hodges and Hodges, 2009.
BacteriaActinobacteria [phylum]Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (bacterial canker of tomato) Present CABI/EPPO, 2009; EPPO, 2014.
BacteriaActinobacteria [phylum]Leifsonia xyli subsp. xyli (sugarcane ratoon stunting disease) Present Bradbury, 1986; CABI/EPPO, 2000; EPPO, 2014.
BacteriaProteobacteriaRalstonia solanacearum (bacterial wilt of potato) Present EPPO, 2014.
BacteriaProteobacteriaRalstonia solanacearum race 1 (bacterial wilt of solanaceous crops) Present CABI and EPPO, 1999.
BacteriaProteobacteriaXanthomonas axonopodis pv. phaseoli (bean blight) Present Bradbury, 1986; CABI/EPPO, 2007; EPPO, 2014.
BacteriaProteobacteriaXanthomonas citri (citrus canker) Absent, invalid record EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaChromistaOomycotaPhytophthora cinnamomi (Phytophthora dieback) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaChromistaOomycotaPhytophthora colocasiae (taro leaf blight) Present CABI/EPPO, 2014; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaChromistaOomycotaPhytophthora infestans (Phytophthora blight) Present CMI, 1982.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaCeratocystis fimbriata (Ceratocystis blight) Present Native Uchida and Aragaki, 1979; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaFusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense (Panama disease of banana) Present Introduced YesEPPO, 2014; CABI/EPPO, 2015.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaGuignardia citricarpa (citrus black spot) Absent, confirmed by survey EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaMycosphaerella fijiensis (black Sigatoka) Present Introduced YesMeredith and Lawrence, 1969; CABI/EPPO, 2011; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaMycosphaerella pini (Dothistroma blight) Restricted distribution CABI/EPPO, 2010; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaPhomopsis vexans (Phomopsis blight of eggplant) Present Introduced YesRaabe et al., 1981; CABI/EPPO , 2008.
EukaryotaFungiAscomycotaSphaeropsis sapinea (Sphaeropsis blight) Present Bega et al., 1978.
EukaryotaFungiBasidiomycotaPhakopsora pachyrhizi (soyabean rust) Present Hernández, 2005; EPPO, 2014; CABI/EPPO, 2015.
EukaryotaFungiBasidiomycotaPuccinia psidii (myrtle rust) Widespread Introduced YesUchida et al., 2006; Uchida and Loope, 2009; Anderson, 2012; CABI/EPPO, 2014; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaFungiChytridiomycotaBatrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) Widespread Introduced Beard and O'Neill, 2005.
EukaryotaMetazoaAnnelidaFicopomatus enigmaticus (tubeworm) Present Introduced Hove and Weerdenburg, 1978.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAcrolepiopsis assectella (leek moth) Absent, invalid record EPPO, 2014; CABI/EPPO, 2007.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAculops lycopersici (tomato russet mite) Present Holdaway, 1940; Schmidt, 1943; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAdoretus sinicus (Chinese rose beetle) Widespread Introduced YesCIE, 1981; Mau and Kessing, 1991; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAedes albopictus (Asian tiger mosquito) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAethina tumida Present Introduced YesFERA, 2010.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAgrius cingulatus (pink-spotted hawkmoth) Present
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAgrotis ipsilon (black cutworm) Present CIE, 1969; Murdoch et al., 1990.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAleurocanthus woglumi (citrus blackfly) Present EPPO, 2014; Mound and Halsey, 1978.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAleurodicus dispersus (whitefly) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAleurothrixus floccosus (woolly whitefly) Present Anon, 1981; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAleurotrachelus atratus (palm-infesting whitefly) Present Introduced Borowiec et al., 2010.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAmphibalanus improvisus (bay barnacle) Present Native YesKaplan, 1988.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAnoplolepis gracilipes (yellow crazy ant) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAnoplophora chinensis (black and white citrus longhorn) Absent, never occurred Lingafelter and Hoebeke, 2002; CABI/EPPO, 2008; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAphis craccivora (groundnut aphid) Present CIE, 1983.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAphis gossypii (cotton aphid) Present UK CAB International, 1968.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAphis spiraecola (Spirea aphid) Widespread Introduced YesCABI/EPPO, 2001.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaArtemia (brine shrimp) Present Native Van Stappen, 2002.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAspidiotus destructor (coconut scale) Present
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaAulacaspis yasumatsui (cycad aulacaspis scale) Present Introduced YesCABI/EPPO, 2000; ISSG, 2011; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBactrocera cucurbitae (melon fly) Present Introduced YesCABI/EPPO, 2003; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBactrocera dorsalis (Oriental fruit fly) Widespread Introduced YesDrew and Hancock, 1994; CABI/EPPO, 2013; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBactrocera latifrons (Solanum fruit fly) Present Liquido et al., 1994; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBemisia tabaci (tobacco whitefly) Present CABI/EPPO, 1998; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBemisia tabaci (MEAM1) (silverleaf whitefly) Widespread Brown et al., 1995a; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBemisia tabaci (MED) (silverleaf whitefly) Present McKenzie et al., 2012.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBlattella germanica (German cockroach) Present Introduced ITIS, 2016.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBrevipalpus phoenicis (false spider mite) Present CABI/EPPO, 2013.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaBruchophagus roddi (alfalfa seed chalcid) Present CIE, 1988.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCactoblastis cactorum (cactus moth) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCallinectes sapidus (blue crab) Present Introduced NoSmithsonian Marine Station, SMS.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCarcinus maenas (European shore crab) Absent, formerly present Introduced Streets, 1877.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCerataphis lataniae (palm aphid) Present Introduced YesCABI/EPPO, 2007.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCeratitis capitata (Mediterranean fruit fly) Widespread Introduced YesGasparich et al., 1997; EPPO, 2014; CABI/EPPO, 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCharybdis hellerii Present, few occurrences Introduced Edmondson, 1954.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCharybdis japonica (lady crab) Present Native Edmondson, 1954.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaChilo suppressalis (striped rice stem borer) Present Introduced EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaChrysomphalus aonidum (circular scale) Present CIE, 1988; Heu, 2002; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaChrysomphalus dictyospermi (dictyospermum scale) Present CIE, 1969.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaChthamalus proteus Localised Introduced YesSouthward et al., 1998; Southward et al., 1998; Zabin, 2005; Zabin et al., 2007.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCoccinella septempunctata (seven-spot ladybird) Present
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCoptotermes (termites) Present Leong et al., 1983.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCoptotermes formosanus (Formosan subterranean termite) Widespread Introduced YesSwezey, 1914; CABI/EPPO, 2008.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCryptotermes brevis (powderpost termite) Widespread Introduced YesFullaway, 1921.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCulex quinquefasciatus (southern house mosquito) Widespread Introduced YesDarsie and Ward, 1981.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaCylas formicarius (sweet potato weevil) Present Sherman and Tamashiro, 1954; CABI/EPPO, 2004; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDermestes olivieri Present
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDiaphorina citri (Asian citrus psyllid) Present CABI/EPPO, 2011; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDiaspidiotus perniciosus (San José scale) Present Borchsenius, 1966.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDichromothrips corbetti Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDrosophila suzukii (spotted wing drosophila) Widespread Introduced YesNAPPO, 2010; CABI/EPPO, 2012; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDysmicoccus brevipes (pineapple mealybug) Present CIE, 1972; Ben-Dov, 1994.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaDysmicoccus neobrevipes (grey pineapple mealybug) Present Hu et al., 2009; García et al., 2016.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaEchinothrips americanus Present CABI/EPPO, 2011; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaElatobium abietinum (green spruce aphid) Present Introduced NoHeie, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaEpiphyas postvittana (light brown apple moth) Present Introduced YesHiggins, 1917; Carter, 1984; UK CAB International, 1992; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaErionota thrax (banana skipper) Present Nakao and Funasaki, 1974; Anon., 1977; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaEriosoma lanigerum (woolly aphid) Present CIE, 1975.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaEuwallacea fornicatus (tea shot-hole borer) Present Introduced YesWood and Bright, 1992; CABI/EPPO, 2013; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaExomala orientalis (oriental beetle) Present Introduced Alm et al., 1999; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaFerrisia virgata (striped mealybug) Present CIE, 1966.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaFrankliniella occidentalis (western flower thrips) Present Introduced Nakahara, 1997; CABI/EPPO, 1999; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaGlycaspis brimblecombei (red gum lerp psyllid) Present Introduced YesNagamine and Heu, 2001; EPPO, 2014; CABI/EPPO, 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaGynaikothrips ficorum (Cuban laurel thrips) Present UK CAB International, 1983; Jacot-Guillarmod and Brothers, 1986.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHalyomorpha halys (brown marmorated stink bug) Present CABI/EPPO, 2013.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHelicoverpa zea (American cotton bollworm) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHeliothrips haemorrhoidalis (black tea thrips) Present CIE, 1961.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHemiberlesia lataniae (latania scale) Present CIE, 1976; Mitchell and Ironside, 1982; Williams and Greathead, 1990.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHemiberlesia rapax (greedy scale (USA)) Widespread Merrill, 1953; Beardsley, 1966.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHemigrapsus takanoi (brush-clawed shore crab) Absent, unreliable record Introduced Edmondson, 1959; Asakura and Watanabe, 2005.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHeteropsylla cubana (leucaena psyllid) Present Napompeth, 1990.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHomarus americanus (American lobster) Present Introduced NoNicosia and Lavalli , 1999.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaHypothenemus hampei (coffee berry borer) Transient: actionable, under eradication NAPPO, 2010; Burbano et al., 2011; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaIcerya purchasi (cottony cushion scale) Present Introduced YesCIE, 1971; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaInsignorthezia insignis (greenhouse orthezia) Present Booth et al., 1995.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLinepithema humile (Argentine ant) Present Introduced YesWilson and Taylor, 1967.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLiriomyza huidobrensis (serpentine leafminer) Absent, invalid record IPPC, 2009; CABI/EPPO, 2002; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLiriomyza sativae (vegetable leaf miner) Present Spencer and, 1986; EPPO, 1990; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLiriomyza trifolii (American serpentine leafminer) Present CABI/EPPO, 1997; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaListroderes costirostris (vegetable weevil) Present Buchanan, 1937; Pemberton, 1947; Morrone, 1993; CABI and EPPO, 2000; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaLitopenaeus vannamei (whiteleg shrimp) Widespread Introduced NoRosenberry , 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMaconellicoccus hirsutus (pink hibiscus mealybug) Present Introduced YesWilliams, 1996; Kairo et al., 2000; Heu, 2002; EPPO, 2014; CABI/EPPO, 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMacrobrachium rosenbergii (giant freshwater prawn) Present Introduced NoFujimara, 1966.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMacrosiphum euphorbiae (potato aphid) Present Native NoCIE, 1984.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMonomorium destructor (Singapore ant) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMonomorium pharaonis (pharaoh ant) Present Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMythimna unipuncta (rice armyworm) Present Introduced CIE, 1967.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaMyzus persicae (green peach aphid) Present CIE, 1979.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaNeolecanium cornuparvum (magnolia scale) Localised Introduced YesUS Fish and Wildlife Service, 2010.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaNesticella mogera (cave-dwelling spider) Present Introduced US Fish and Wildlife Service, 2006; Gertsch, 1973; Kielhorn, 2009.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaNezara viridula (green stink bug) Widespread Jones and Caprio, 1992; CABI/EPPO, 1998.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaNipaecoccus nipae (spiked mealybug) Widespread Ben-Dov, 1994; CABI/EPPO, 2005.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaNipaecoccus viridis (spherical mealybug) Present Gagne and Stein, 1982; CABI/EPPO, 2005; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaOpogona sacchari (banana moth) Present Introduced YesDavis and Pena, 1990; CABI and EPPO, 1999; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaOryctes rhinoceros (coconut rhinoceros beetle) Transient: actionable, under eradication NAPPO, 2014; EPPO, 2014; Hawaii Department of Agriculture, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaParacoccus marginatus (papaya mealybug) Present Muniappan, 2009a; CABI/EPPO, 2012.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaParaleyrodes minei Present EPPO, 2014; CABI/EPPO, 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaParatrechina longicornis (crazy ant) Present Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaParthenolecanium persicae (peach scale) Present Kirkaldy, 1902.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPectinophora gossypiella (pink bollworm) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPenaeus monodon (giant tiger prawn) Introduced, establishment uncertain Introduced NoDIAS, 2007.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPheidole megacephala (big-headed ant) Present Introduced YesSmith, 1979.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPhenacoccus solenopsis (cotton mealybug) Present CABI/EPPO, 2012; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPhthorimaea operculella (potato tuber moth) Present CABI/EPPO, 2012; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPieris rapae (cabbage white butterfly) Present
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPineus boerneri (pine woolly aphid) Present
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPineus pini (pine woolly aphid) Present Introduced YesAnon, 1978.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPlanococcus citri (citrus mealybug) Present Zimmerman, 1948; Hata and Hara, 1992; Hansen et al., 1992a; Hansen et al., 1992b; CABI/EPPO, 1999.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPlutella xylostella (diamondback moth) Present Tabashnik et al., 1990.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPolyphagotarsonemus latus (broad mite) Present CIE, 1986.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaProcambarus clarkii (red swamp crayfish) Present Introduced YesHuner , 2002a.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPseudaonidia duplex (camphor, scale) Present Ben-Dov et al., 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPseudaulacaspis pentagona (mulberry scale) Present Introduced Borchsenius, 1966; Wood, 2012; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPseudococcus elisae (banana mealybug) Present Tokihiro, 2006.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPseudococcus viburni (obscure mealybug) Present Introduced YesHata and Hara, 1992; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaPseudodiaptomus marinus Present, few occurrences Introduced Jones, 1966.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaQuadrastichus erythrinae (Erythrina gall wasp) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011; CABI/EPPO, 2009; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSaissetia oleae (olive scale) Present Ben-Dov, 1993.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSchistocerca nitens (gray bird grasshopper) Widespread Introduced YesHawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources et al., 2008; Bianchi, 1964; Bianchi and Kajiwara, 1966; Bowler et al., 1975, publ. 1977; Starr et al., 2004; Latchininsky, 2008.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaScirtothrips dorsalis (chilli thrips) Present EPPO, 2014; CABI/EPPO, 2010.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaScirtothrips perseae (avocado thrips) Restricted distribution CABI/EPPO, 2010; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaScyphophorus acupunctatus (agave weevil) Present Zimmerman, 1941; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSepedomerus macropus (liverfluke snail predator fly) Present Introduced YesDavis, 1959; Davis, 1974.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSepedon aenescens (snail-killing fly) Present Introduced YesDavis and Krauss, 1967.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSimosyrphus grandicornis (common hover fly) Widespread Introduced Grimshaw, 1901; Howard, 1901; Hull, 1937; Hardy, 1964; Starr et al., 2006; Thompson, 2013.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSitobion miscanthi (indian grain aphid) Present Native NoEastop, 1966; CABI/EPPO, 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSitophilus oryzae (lesser grain weevil) Present
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSolenopsis geminata (tropical fire ant) Present Native Avila and Goff, 1998; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSolenopsis papuana (Papuan thief ant) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSophonia orientalis (two-spotted leafhopper) Present Introduced YesHeu and Kumashiro, 1989.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSpodoptera exempta (black armyworm) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSpodoptera litura (taro caterpillar) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaSternochetus mangiferae (mango seed weevil) Present Rutherford, 1914; Pope, 1929; Firman, 1982; EPPO, 2014; CABI/EPPO, 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaTapinoma melanocephalum (ghost ant) Widespread Introduced YesClagg, 1957.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaTetranychus urticae (two-spotted spider mite) IIE, 1996.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaThrips palmi (melon thrips) Present Johnson, 1986; Welter et al., 1989; CABI and EPPO, 1998; CABI/EPPO, 1998; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaToxoptera citricida (black citrus aphid) Present CABI/EPPO, 1998; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaTrialeurodes vaporariorum (whitefly, greenhouse) Present Lynch and Johnson, 1991; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaVarroa destructor (Varroa mite) Present Introduced University of Hawaii Honeybee Project, 2014; Danka et al., 2012.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaVespula pensylvanica (western yellowjacket) Present Introduced YesWilliams, 1927; Williams, 1937; Nakahara, 1980; Ikeda, 1981; Matayoshi, 1981; Miyahara, 1981; Gambino et al., 1990; Gambino and Loope, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaVespula vulgaris (wasp, common) Absent, formerly present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaWasmannia auropunctata (little fire ant) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXyleborinus saxesenii (fruit-tree pinhole borer) Present Introduced YesWood and Bright, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXyleborus similis Absent, formerly present Introduced Wood and Bright, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXyleborus volvulus Present Native NoWood and Bright, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXylosandrus compactus (shot-hole borer) Present Introduced YesCABI/EPPO and, 1997; EPPO, 2013.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXylosandrus crassiusculus (Asian ambrosia beetle) Present Introduced YesWood and Bright, 1992; CABI/EPPO, 2009; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXylosandrus germanus (black timber bark beetle) Present Introduced Cognato and Rubinoff, 2008; Cognato and Rubinoff, 2008; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaArthropodaXylosandrus morigerus (brown twig beetle) Restricted distribution Introduced Cognato and Rubinoff, 2008; Samuelson, 1981; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaBryozoaBugula neritina (brown bryozoan) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaBryozoaSchizoporella errata (branching bryozoan) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataAcridotheres tristis (common myna) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataAmatitlania nigrofasciata (convict cichlid) Localised Introduced Devick, 1991; Devick, 1991; Yamamoto and Tagawa, 2000.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataAmeiurus nebulosus (brown bullhead) Unconfirmed record Introduced Welcomme, 1988; Yamamoto, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataAnolis sagrei (brown anole) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataAstronotus ocellatus (oscar) Present Introduced Shima, 1972; Morita, 1981; Maciolek, 1984; Devick, 1991a; Devick, 1991b; USGS NAS, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataAxis axis (Indian spotted deer) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataBoiga irregularis (brown tree snake) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataBos taurus (cattle) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataBranta canadensis (Canada goose) Present, few occurrences Native NoMowbray et al., 2002.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataBranta hutchinsii Present, few occurrences Native Banks et al., 2004.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataBubalus bubalis (Asian water buffalo) Eradicated Introduced Long, 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataBubulcus ibis (cattle egret) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataCanis lupus familiaris (dogs) Present Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataCapra hircus (goats) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataCarassius auratus auratus (goldfish) Present Introduced Froese and Pauly, 2009.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataCettia diphone (Japanese bush-warbler) Present Introduced YesPratt et al., 1987; Nelson et al., 1998; Hamao, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataCichla ocellaris (peacock cichlid) Widespread Introduced Shafland, 1995.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataColumba livia (pigeons) Present Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataCtenopharyngodon idella (grass carp) Present Introduced Nico and Fuller, 2005.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataCygnus olor (mute swan) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataEleutherodactylus coqui (Caribbean tree frog) Restricted distribution Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataEleutherodactylus planirostris (greenhouse frog) Present Introduced Kraus et al., 1999; Kraus and Campbell, 2002; Olson et al., 2012; Olson et al., 2012; Ferreira et al., 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataEpinephelus lanceolatus (giant grouper) Present Native Heemstra and Randall, 1993; Froese and Pauly, 2004.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataEquus asinus (donkeys) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataEquus caballus [ISC] (horse) Localised Introduced YesGrubb, 2005.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataEquus ferus Present
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataFelis catus (cat) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataGambusia affinis (western mosquitofish) Present Introduced Yamamoto , 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataGambusia holbrooki (eastern mosquitofish) Present Introduced YesSeale, 1905.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataGarrulax canorus (Chinese hwamei) Widespread Introduced Avibase, 2015; Alien Species in Hawaii, 1999; Kawakami and Yamaguchi, 2004; Lever, 2010; eBird, 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataHemichromis letourneuxi (African jewelfish) Present Introduced USGS, 2016.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataHemidactylus frenatus (common house gecko) Widespread Introduced YesHunsaker, 1966.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataHerpestes javanicus (small Indian mongoose) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataHypophthalmichthys molitrix (silver carp) Present Introduced Nico, 2010.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataIctalurus punctatus (channel catfish) Present Introduced Brock , 1960; Froese and Pauly, 2004; USGS, 2013.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataIguana iguana (iguana) Present Introduced Hawaii Department of Agriculture, 2009.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataLeiothrix lutea (red-billed leiothrix) Localised Introduced Male et al., 1998; Ralph et al., 1998; Global Invasive Species Database, 2008; Lever, 2010; eBird, 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataLepomis cyanellus (green sunfish) Present Introduced NatureServe, 2013; USGS, 2013.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataLepomis macrochirus (bluegill) Widespread Introduced Yamamoto, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataLepus europaeus (European hare) Absent, unreliable record Introduced Fraguglione, 1963.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataLutjanus kasmira (blueline snapper) Widespread Introduced Allen, 1985.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataMicropterus dolomieu (smallmouth bass) Present Introduced Froese and Pauly, 2004; USGS, 2016.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataMicropterus salmoides (largemouth bass) Widespread Introduced Fuller et al., 1999; Maciolek, 1984; Froese and Pauly, 2004.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataMisgurnus anguillicaudatus (oriental weatherloach) Present Introduced Yamamoto , 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataMonopterus albus (Asian swamp eel) Present Introduced YesFishbase, 2004; Fuller et al., 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataMus musculus (house mouse) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOdocoileus hemionus (black-tailed deer) Localised Introduced YesHess, 2008.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOncorhynchus mykiss (rainbow trout) Present Introduced Yamamoto, 1992; Froese and Pauly, 2004; Fuller, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOreochromis mossambicus (Mozambique tilapia) Present Introduced Pullin et al., 1997; Froese and Pauly, 2004.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOreochromis niloticus (Nile tilapia) Present Introduced Pullin et al., 1997.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOryctolagus cuniculus (rabbits) Restricted distribution Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOvis aries (sheep) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataOvis aries musimon (European mouflon) Localised Introduced YesUloth, 1972; Giffin, 1982.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataPantherophis guttatus (corn snake) Absent, formerly present Introduced NoKraus and Cravalho, 2001.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataPhasianus colchicus (common pheasant) Widespread Introduced Lever, 2005; Qu et al., 2009; Clements et al., 2014; eBird, 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataPoecilia latipinna (sailfin molly) Widespread Introduced Devick, 1991; USGS NAS, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataPoecilia reticulata (guppy) Present Introduced Froese and Pauly, 2007; Maciolek, 1984.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataPolyandrocarpa zorritensis Present Introduced YesAbbot et al., 1997.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataPsittacula krameri (rose-ringed parakeet) Present Introduced Sibley and Monroe, 1991; Sheehey and Mansfield, 2009.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataPycnonotus cafer (red-vented bulbul) Present Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataRana catesbeiana (American bullfrog) Localised Introduced ISSG, 2005; Lannoo, 2005; Kraus, 2009; McKercher and Gregoire, 2009; Santos-Barrera et al., 2009.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataRattus exulans (Pacific rat) Present Dunlevy et al., 2000; Shiels et al., 2013.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataRattus norvegicus (brown rat) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011; Tobin and Sugihara, 1992.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataRattus rattus (black rat) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataRhinella marina (cane toad) Present Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataSalmo trutta (sea trout) Present Introduced Welcomme, 1988.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataSalvelinus fontinalis (brook trout) Present Introduced Maciolek, 1984.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataSus scrofa [ISC] (feral pig) Present Introduced YesSPREP, 2000; Barrett and Birmingham, 2005; Rusz, 2007.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataThorichthys meeki (firemouth cichlid) Present Introduced Brock, 1960; Maciolek, 1984; Devick, 1991; Devick, 1991.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataTilapia zillii (redbelly tilapia) Present Introduced Yamamoto, 1992; Froese and Pauly, 2004.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataTrachemys scripta elegans (red-eared slider) Present Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataTrioceros jacksonii (Jackson’s chameleon) Widespread Introduced YesMcKeown, 1991; McKeown, 1996; Kraus, 2009; Hagey et al., 2010; Holland et al., 2010; Kraus et al., 2012.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataTyto alba (Barn owl) Widespread Introduced Klavitter, 2009.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataXiphophorus hellerii Widespread Introduced YesMaciolek, 1984.
EukaryotaMetazoaChordataXiphophorus maculatus (southern platyfish) Present Introduced YesEnglund, 1999; Welcomme, 1988.
EukaryotaMetazoaCnidariaCarijoa riisei (branched pipe coral) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaCnidariaCordylophora (euryhaline hydroid) Present Introduced YesCooke, 1977.
EukaryotaMetazoaCnidariaPelagia noctiluca (mauve stinger) Absent, formerly present YesScott, 1999.
EukaryotaMetazoaCnidariaPhyllorhiza punctata (Australian spotted jellyfish) Present Introduced ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaEchinodermataAcanthaster planci (crown-of-thorns starfish) Present ISSG, 2011.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaCornu aspersum (common garden snail) Widespread Introduced YesKondo, 1956; Nakahara, 1979; Tamura et al., 1981; Cowie, 1996.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaCrassostrea gigas (Pacific oyster) Present Introduced Hunter et al., 1995.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaCrassostrea virginica (eastern oyster) Present Introduced NoKennedy et al., 1996; USGS, 2007.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaDeroceras laeve (meadow slug) Present Introduced YesCowie, 1997.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaEualetes tulipa Present YesColes et al., 2002.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaEuglandina rosea (rosy predator snail) Present Introduced YesCiveyrel and Simberloff, 1996; Cowie, 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaLimax maximus (leopard slug) Widespread Introduced YesWilliams, 1931; Joe and Daehler, 2008; NatureServe, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaMelanoides tuberculata (red-rimmed melania) Present Martens and Langkavel, 1871.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaMytilus galloprovincialis (Mediterranean mussel) Present Introduced YesISSG, 2005.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaOxychilus alliarius (garlic snail) Present Introduced YesCowie, 1997; Howarth et al., 2003; NatureServe, 2015.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaPinctada imbricata radiata (rayed pearl oyster) Present Native NoPoutiers, 1998a.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaPomacea canaliculata (golden apple snail) Widespread Introduced YesCowie et al., 2007; Tran et al., 2008; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaRuditapes philippinarum (Japanese carpet shell) Present Bryan, 1919.
EukaryotaMetazoaMolluscaVeronicella cubensis (Cuban slug) Present Introduced YesThomé, 1993; Cowie, 1997; Cowie, 1998.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaAphelenchoides besseyi (rice leaf nematode) Present Allen, 1952; CABI/EPPO, 2000; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaAphelenchoides fragariae (strawberry crimp nematode) Present Hunter et al., 1972; CABI/EPPO, 2002; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaDitylenchus destructor (potato tuber nematode) Present CABI/EPPO, 2013; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaDitylenchus dipsaci (stem and bulb nematode) Present Bergquist and Riedel, 1972; CABI/EPPO, 2009; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaHelicotylenchus multicinctus (banana spiral nematode) Present Sher, 1966; CABI/EPPO, 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaMeloidogyne arenaria (peanut root-knot nematode) Widespread Walters et al., 1994; CABI/EPPO, 2003.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaMeloidogyne hapla (root knot nematode) Present Handoo et al., 2005.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaMeloidogyne incognita (root-knot nematode) Widespread Walters and Barker, 1994; CABI/EPPO, 2002.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaMeloidogyne javanica (sugarcane eelworm) Widespread Walters and Barker, 1994; CABI/EPPO, 2002.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaPratylenchus coffeae (banana root nematode) Widespread Siddiqi, 1972; CABI/EPPO, 2000; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaRadopholus similis (burrowing nematode) Present Sher, 1954; CABI/EPPO, 1999; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaNematodaTylenchulus semipenetrans (citrus root nematode) Present Anderson, 1959; CABI/EPPO, 1999; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaMetazoaPlatyhelminthesBothriocephalus acheilognathi Present Introduced Font and Tate, 1994.
EukaryotaMetazoaPlatyhelminthesPlatydemus manokwari (New guinea flatworm) Widespread Introduced YesEldredge and Smith , 1994.
EukaryotaPlantaeChlorophytaCaulerpa taxifolia (killer algae) Present Native UNEP, 2004; Guiry and Guiry, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeChlorophytaCladophora laetevirens Present
EukaryotaPlantaeChlorophytaCladophora sericea Present
EukaryotaPlantaeChlorophytaCladophora socialis Present
EukaryotaPlantaeChlorophytaCladophora vagabunda Present
EukaryotaPlantaeChlorophytaUlva fasciata Present
EukaryotaPlantaeChlorophytaUlva ohnoi Present O'Kelly et al., 2010.
EukaryotaPlantaeChlorophytaUlva reticulata (ribbon sea lettuce) Widespread Native NoKenzie, 2008; Santelices, 1977.
EukaryotaPlantaeHaptophytaPrymnesium parvum (golden algae) Present Introduced YesRoelke et al., 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaePhaeophytaColpomenia sinuosa Present
EukaryotaPlantaePhaeophytaSargassum muticum (wire weed) Absent, intercepted only Introduced NoAbbott and Huisman, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaAdiantum hispidulum (rosy maidenhair fern) Widespread Introduced YesWilson, 1996; Palmer, 2003; Weller et al., 2010.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaAdiantum raddianum (delta maidenhair fern) Present Introduced YesPalmer, 2003; USDA-ARS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaAzolla filiculoides (water fern) Present Introduced Fosberg, 1942.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaBlechnum appendiculatum (palm fern) Widespread Introduced YesPalmer, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaCyathea cooperi (australian tree fern) Widespread Introduced YesStaples and Cowie, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaCyclosorus parasiticus (parasitic maiden fern) Widespread Introduced YesWagner, 1950.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaCyrtomium falcatum (Japanese holly fern) Present Degener and Hawkes, 1951; Wilson, 1996; Bishop Museum, 2015; Flora of China Editorial Committee, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaDeparia petersenii subsp. petersenii (Petersen’s lady fern) Widespread Introduced YesKato, 2001; Imada, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaLygodium japonicum (Japanese climbing fern) Present Introduced YesFosberg, 1943; Wilson, 1996; Wilson, 2002; Wilson, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaNephrolepis brownii (Asian swordfern) Widespread Introduced YesPratt et al., 2011; GBIF, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaPteridium aquilinum (bracken) Present Native Crane, 1990.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaSalvinia minima Present Rayachhetry et al., 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaePteridophytaSalvinia molesta (Kariba weed) Present YesMcFarland et al., 2004; GBIF, 2010.
EukaryotaPlantaeRhodophytaAcanthophora spicifera Widespread Introduced YesO'Doherty and Sherwood, 2007; Doty, 1961; Abbott, 1999; Smith et al., 2002; Perrone et al., 2006.
EukaryotaPlantaeRhodophytaEucheuma spp. Present Doty, 1985a; Doty, 1985b; Conklin and Smith, 2005.
EukaryotaPlantaeRhodophytaGracilaria salicornia Localised Introduced YesMagruder and Hunt, 1979; Abbott, 1985a; Abbott, 1999; Smith et al., 2002; McDermid et al., 2005.
EukaryotaPlantaeRhodophytaHypnea musciformis Widespread YesRussell, 1992; Russell and Balazs, 1994; Abbott, 1999; Smith et al., 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeRhodophytaKappaphycus Present Introduced YesDoty and Norris, 1985; Doty, 1985a; Doty, 1985b; Eldredge, 1994.
EukaryotaPlantaeRhodophytaNeosiphonia tongatensis Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAbrus precatorius (rosary pea) Present Introduced Wagner et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAbutilon grandifolium (hairy Indian mallow) Present Introduced GBIF, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAbutilon indicum (country mallow) Present YesPIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia angustissima (prairie acacia) Present Introduced PIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia auriculiformis (northern black wattle) Present Introduced Starr and et al. , 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia confusa Present Introduced Yes
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia crassicarpa (northern wattle) Present Introduced Cole et al., 1996.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia decurrens (green wattle) Present Introduced Yes
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia farnesiana (huisache) Widespread Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia longifolia (golden wattle) Present Missouri Botanical Garden, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia mangium (brown salwood) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia mearnsii (black wattle) Present Introduced YesCronk and Fuller , 1995; Luken and Thieret , 1997; Weber , 2003; ILDIS, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcacia melanoxylon (Australian blackwood) Present Introduced YesTunison , 1991; Luken and Thieret , 1997; Weber , 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcanthospermum australe (spiny-bur) Widespread Introduced YesPIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAcanthospermum hispidum (bristly starbur) Present Introduced YesHolm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAchillea millefolium (yarrow) Present YesPIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAchyranthes aspera (devil's horsewhip) Present YesPIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAdenanthera pavonina (red-bead tree) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2002; USDA-ARS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAgave sisalana (sisal hemp) Present YesPIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAgeratina adenophora (Croftonweed) Present Introduced YesHolm et al., 1991; USDA-ARS, 2004; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAgeratina riparia (mistflower) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2011; USDA-ARS, 2011.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAgeratum conyzoides (billy goat weed) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2016; Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAgeratum houstonianum (Blue billygoatweed) Present YesPIER, 2016; Wester and Juvik, 1983.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAgropyron cristatum (crested wheatgrass) Present YesGBIF, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAgrostis avenacea (Pacific bent grass) Present Introduced GBIF, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAgrostis capillaris (common bent) Present USDA-NRCS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAilanthus altissima (tree-of-heaven) Present Introduced YesUniversity of Hawaii Botany Department, 1998.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAira caryophyllea (silver hairgrass) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAlbizia lebbeck (Indian siris) Present Introduced PIER, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAleurites moluccanus (candlenut tree) Widespread Oyen, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAllamanda cathartica (yellow allamanda) Present Staples and Herbst, 2005.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAlocasia macrorrhizos (giant taro) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAlpinia purpurata (red ginger) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAlpinia zerumbet (shell ginger) Present Introduced Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAlternanthera sessilis (sessile joyweed) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAlysicarpus vaginalis (alyce clover) Present Wagner et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAmaranthus hybridus (smooth pigweed) Present Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAmaranthus retroflexus (redroot pigweed) Present USDA, 1970.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAmaranthus spinosus (spiny amaranth) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAmaranthus viridis (slender amaranth) Present Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAmbrosia artemisiifolia (common ragweed) Present Introduced Haselwood and Motter, 1966; EPPO, 2014; USDA-ARS, 2016; USDA-NRCS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAmmophila arenaria (marram grass) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAnagallis arvensis (scarlet pimpernel) Present Neal, 1965; HASELWOOD and MOTTER, 1966; Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAndropogon glomeratus (bushy bluestem) Present Native GBIF, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAndropogon virginicus (broomsedge) Present YesUSDA-NRCS, 2016; Wester, 1992; Wagner et al., 1999; Snow and Lau, 2010; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAnnona glabra (pond apple) Present NoPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAnnona reticulata (bullock's heart) Present PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAnnona squamosa (sugar apple) Present Morton, 1987; PIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAnredera cordifolia (Madeira vine) Present EPPO, 2014; PIER, 2013; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAnthemis cotula (dog fennel) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAnthoxanthum odoratum (sweet vernal grass) Present USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAntigonon leptopus (coral vine) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Englberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaArdisia crenata (coral berry) Present Introduced YesStone et al., 1992; Wagner et al., 1999; Staples et al., 2000; Space and Flynn, 2002a; PIER, 2013; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaArdisia elliptica (shoebutton ardisia) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaArgemone mexicana (Mexican poppy) Present Introduced Wester, 1992.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAristolochia elegans (elegant Dutchman’s pipe) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2015; Wagner et al., 2015; Weeds of Australia, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaArrhenatherum elatius (false oat-grass) Present YesWagner et al., 1999; Starr et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaArthraxon hispidus (small carpetgrass) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaArundina graminifolia (bamboo orchid) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaArundo donax (giant reed) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; USDA-NRCS, 2002; PIER, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAsclepias curassavica (bloodflower) Widespread YesWagner et al., 1999; Wood and LeGrande, 2006; USDA-ARS, 2011; Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAsparagus asparagoides (bridal creeper) Present, few occurrences Wagner et al., 2005; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAsparagus densiflorus (asparagus fern) Widespread YesPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAsystasia gangetica (chinese violet) Present YesWagner et al., 1990.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAtriplex semibaccata (Australian saltbush) Present Introduced USDA-ARS, 2015; USDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAvena barbata (slender oat) Present Wagner et al., 1990.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAvena fatua (wild oat) Present Introduced Holm et al., 1977; USDA, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAxonopus fissifolius Widespread Introduced YesPIER, 2012; USDA-NRCS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaAzadirachta indica (neem tree) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBarleria cristata (Philippine violet) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBarleria lupulina (hophead Philippine violet) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBarringtonia asiatica (sea poison tree) Present USDA-ARS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBassia hyssopifolia (fivehook bassia) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2016; Wester, 1992; Wagner et al., 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBatis maritima (saltwort) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBauhinia monandra (Napoleon's plume) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBauhinia purpurea (purple bauhinia) Present Imada et al., 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBauhinia variegata (mountain ebony) Present Imada et al., 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBidens alba Present Introduced Englberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBidens frondosa (beggarticks) Present Native USDA-NRCS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBidens pilosa (blackjack) Widespread Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBocconia frutescens (plume poppy) Widespread Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBoerhavia coccinea (scarlet spiderling) Present Introduced YesStone et al., 1992; Wagner et al., 2015; GBIF, 2016; PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBoerhavia diffusa (red spiderling) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Stemmerik, 1964.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBothriochloa pertusa (pitted beard grass) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBrachypodium distachyon (purple false brome) Present Introduced ITIS, 2016; USDA-NRCS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBriza maxima (large quaking grass) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBromus diandrus (great brome) Present Introduced NoHolm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBromus hordeaceus (soft brome) Widespread Introduced YesPIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBromus madritensis (compact brome) Present Introduced YesSt John , 1973.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBromus rigidus (ripgut brome) Present Introduced Hitchcock , 1950; CalEPPC, 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBromus rubens (red brome) Present Introduced Hitchcock, 1950; CalEPPC, 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBromus secalinus (rye brome) Present Wagner et al., 2005; USDA-ARS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBromus sterilis (barren brome) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBromus tectorum (downy brome) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBroussonetia papyrifera (paper mulberry) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBrugmansia candida (angel's trumpet) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBrugmansia suaveolens (white angel's trumpet) Present Introduced NoPIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBuddleja asiatica (dog tail) Widespread Introduced YesUS Fish and Wildlife Service, 1997; Wagner et al., 1999; Motooka et al., 2003; Wood and Oppenheimer, 2008; Imada, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaBuddleja davidii (butterfly bush) Widespread YesShannon and Wagner, 1996; Wagner et al., 1999; Starr et al., 2003; USDA-NRCS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCabomba caroliniana (Carolina fanwort) Present GBIF, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCaesalpinia decapetala (Mysore thorn) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2002; Weber, 2003; USDA-NRCS, 2004; ILDIS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCalliandra houstoniana var. calothyrsus (calliandra) Present Introduced YesParker and Parsons, 2012; PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCallisia fragrans (basketplant) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Starr et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCalophyllum inophyllum (Alexandrian laurel) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCalopogonium caeruleum (jicama) Present YesStarr et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCalopogonium mucunoides (calopo) Present Imada et al., 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCalotropis procera (apple of sodom) Present Introduced PIER, 2002; Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCananga odorata (perfume tree) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCanavalia cathartica Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCanna indica (canna lilly) Present YesPIER, 2008; USDA-NRCS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCardiospermum grandiflorum (balloon vine) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2015; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCardiospermum halicacabum (balloon vine) Present Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCarduus pycnocephalus (Italian thistle) Localised Introduced YesPIER, 2013; Wagner et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCassia fistula (Indian laburnum) Present ILDIS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCassia javanica (pink shower) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCassytha filiformis (love-vine) Present NoUSDA-ARS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCastilla elastica (Mexican rubber tree) Last reported Wright, 1912.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCasuarina cunninghamiana (Australian beefwood) Present Introduced
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCasuarina equisetifolia (casuarina) Present Introduced YesCronk and Fuller, 1995; Hammerton, 2001; World Agroforestry Centre, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCasuarina glauca (scaly oak (Australia)) Present Introduced YesSmith, 1998; Weber, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCatharanthus roseus (Madagascar periwinkle) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCecropia peltata (trumpet tree) Present Introduced ISSG, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCedrela odorata (Spanish cedar) Present YesPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCenchrus ciliaris (Buffel grass) Present YesDaehler and Carino, 1998; USDA-NRCS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCenchrus echinatus (southern sandbur) Widespread HASELWOOD and MOTTER, 1966; Hitchcock, 1971; Holm et al., 1977; Munroe and Nishimoto, 1988; Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCentaurea melitensis Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCentaurea stoebe subsp. micranthos (spotted knapweed) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCentella asiatica (Asiatic pennywort) Present YesPIER, 2014; USDA-ARS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCentratherum punctatum (lark daisy) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCeratophyllum demersum (coontail) Widespread Westerdahl and Getsinger, 1988.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCestrum diurnum (day jessamine) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCestrum nocturnum (night jessamine) Motooka et al., 2003; PIER, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2014; Wagner et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaChamaecrista nictitans (sensitive partridge pea) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Carino and Daehler, 2002; PIER, 2013; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCheilocostus speciosus Present Introduced Englberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaChenopodium album (fat hen) Present Haselwood and Motter, 1966.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaChenopodium murale (nettleleaf goosefoot) Widespread Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaChloris barbata (purpletop chloris) Present Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaChloris virgata (feather finger grass) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaChromolaena odorata (Siam weed) Present Introduced YesEnglberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaChrysopogon aciculatus (golden false beardgrass) Present Holm et al., 1979; Mueller-Dombois, 1981; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCinchona pubescens (quinine tree) Localised Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Starr et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCinnamomum burmanni (padang cassia) Present YesWester, 1992; Meidell et al., 1997; Starr et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCinnamomum verum (cinnamon) Present USDA-NRCS, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCirsium arvense (creeping thistle) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCirsium vulgare (spear thistle) Present Introduced USDA-ARS, 2016; Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCleome spinosa Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaClerodendrum chinense (Chinese glory bower) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Englberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaClerodendrum quadriloculare (bronze-leaved clerodendrum) Present Introduced YesStaples et al., 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaClerodendrum speciosissimum (Java glory bower) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaClerodendrum wallichii (Wallich's glorybower) Present PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaClidemia hirta (Koster's curse) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2007; Englberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaClusia rosea Widespread Introduced YesRiffle, 1998; Wagner et al., 1999; Oppenheimer and Bartlett, 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCoccinia grandis (scarlet-fruited ivy gourd) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013; Englberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaColubrina asiatica (latherleaf) Present Native Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCombretum indicum (Rangoon creeper) Staples et al., 2000; Randall, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCommelina benghalensis (wandering jew) Present Holm et al., 1979; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCommelina diffusa (spreading dayflower) Present Holm et al., 1977.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaConvolvulus arvensis (bindweed) Present Lorenzi and Jeffery, 1987; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaConyza bonariensis (hairy fleabane) Present Introduced YesHolm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaConyza canadensis (Canadian fleabane) Widespread Introduced Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCordyline fruticosa (ti plant) Widespread Smithsonian, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCortaderia jubata (purple pampas grass) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCortaderia selloana (pampas grass) Present NoPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCorymbia citriodora (lemon-scented gum) Present Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCorynocarpus laevigatus (karaka) Localised Introduced YesMotooka et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCosmos caudatus (wild cosmos) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCrassocephalum crepidioides (redflower ragleaf) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCrocosmia x crocosmiiflora (montbretia) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCrotalaria retusa (rattleweed) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCrotalaria spectabilis (Showy rattlepod) Unconfirmed record
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCryptostegia grandiflora (rubber vine) Restricted distribution Introduced YesStalpes et al., 2000; PIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCryptostegia madagascariensis (Madagascar rubbervine) Widespread Introduced YesPIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCupaniopsis anacardioides (carrotwood) Present Introduced NoHEAR, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCuphea carthagenensis (Colombian waxweed) Present Introduced Mann, 1865; Degener and Degener, 1973; Wagner et al., 1999; Oppenheimer and Bartlett, 2002; Bishop Museum, 2015; USDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCupressus sempervirens (Mediterranean cypress) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCuscuta campestris (field dodder) Present Native Lorenzi and Jeffery, 1987.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCyanthillium cinereum (little ironweed) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCynodon dactylon (Bermuda grass) Widespread YesHolm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCynodon nlemfuensis (African Bermuda-grass) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCyperus compressus (annual sedge) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCyperus difformis (small-flowered nutsedge) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCyperus esculentus (yellow nutsedge) Present YesWagner et al., 1999; Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCyperus meyenianus (Meyen's flatsedge) Present Introduced YesEvenhuis and Eldredge, 2003; Missouri Botanical Garden, 2012; NMNH, 2012; USDA-NRCS, 2012; Wagner et al., 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCyperus papyrus (papyrus) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCyperus rotundus (purple nutsedge) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaCytisus scoparius (Scotch broom) Widespread Introduced YesHolm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDactylis glomerata (cocksfoot) Present USDA-NRCS, 2015; PIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDactyloctenium aegyptium (crowfoot grass) Present Introduced YesHaselwood and Motter, 1966; Holm et al., 1977; PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDatura innoxia (downy thorn apple) Present USDA-NRCS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDatura metel (Hindu datura) Present PIER, 2014; Wagner et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDatura stramonium (jimsonweed) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDelairea odorata (Cape ivy) Restricted distribution Introduced YesWagner et al., 1990.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDelonix regia (flamboyant) Present YesILDIS, 2009; PIER, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDescurainia sophia (flixweed) Present Introduced USDA-ARS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDesmodium incanum (creeping beggerweed) Widespread Introduced YesImada, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDesmodium intortum (Green-leaf desmodium) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDianthus armeria (Deptford pink) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDichanthium annulatum (Kleberg's bluestem) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDichrostachys cinerea (sickle bush) Present Introduced PIER, 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDigitaria ciliaris (southern crabgrass) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDigitaria fuscescens (yellow crab grass) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDigitaria insularis (sourgrass) Widespread Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDigitaria longiflora (false couch grass) Present Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDigitaria sanguinalis (large crabgrass) Present USDA-NRCS, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDioscorea bulbifera (air potato) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDrymaria cordata (tropical chickweed) Present Introduced HASELWOOD and MOTTER, 1966; Higaki, 1973; Holm et al., 1997; Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaDysphania ambrosioides (Mexican tea) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEchinochloa colona (junglerice) Widespread YesHolm et al., 1979; Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEchinochloa crus-galli (barnyard grass) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEclipta prostrata (eclipta) Present Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEgeria densa (leafy elodea) Present Introduced YesHEAR, 2002; USDA-NRCS, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEhrharta calycina (perennial veldtgrass) Present Introduced Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEhrharta erecta (panic veldtgrass) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEichhornia crassipes (water hyacinth) Restricted distribution Introduced YesGopal, 1987; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaElaeagnus angustifolia (Russian olive) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaElaeagnus umbellata (autumn olive) Present YesPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaElaeis guineensis (African oil palm) Present NoPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaElephantopus mollis (elephant's foot) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013; USDA-ARS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEleusine indica (goose grass) Widespread Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaElodea canadensis (Canadian pondweed) Present Native Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaElymus repens (quackgrass) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEmex australis (Doublegee) Present Introduced YesKrauss, 1963; Holm et al., 1979; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEmex spinosa (spiny emex) Present Introduced YesHolm et al., 1979; Julien and Griffiths, 1998; USDA-NRCS, 2002; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEmilia fosbergii (Florida tassel-flower) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEmilia sonchifolia (red tasselflower) Widespread Haslewood and Matter, 1966; Holm et al., 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEpipremnum pinnatum (centipede tongavine) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEragrostis curvula (weeping lovegrass) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEragrostis lehmanniana (Lehmann lovegrass) Present Introduced Uchytil, 1992.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaErechtites valerianifolius (tropical burnweed) Widespread Introduced YesPIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaErigeron karvinskianus (Karwinsky’s fleabane) Widespread Introduced YesD'Ovly Hughes, 1995; Lorence and Wagner, 1995; Lorence, 1996; Wagner and Lorence, 1998; Wagner et al., 1999; Motooka et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaErodium cicutarium (common storksbill) Present YesPIER, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEtlingera elatior (torch ginger) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEucalyptus camaldulensis (red gum) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2004; Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEucalyptus cladocalyx (sugar gum) Present Introduced Weber, 2003; USDA-NRCS, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEucalyptus globulus (Tasmanian blue gum) Unconfirmed record
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEucalyptus paniculata (grey ironbark) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEucalyptus robusta (swamp mahogany) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEucalyptus sideroxylon (black ironbark) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEuphorbia heterophylla (wild poinsettia) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEuphorbia hirta (garden spurge) Present Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEuphorbia hypericifolia (graceful spurge) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaEuphorbia lactea (mottled spurge) Present Introduced YesStaples et al., 2000.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFalcataria moluccana (batai wood) Present YesPIER, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFallopia convolvulus (black bindweed) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFestuca arundinacea (tall fescue) Widespread YesPIER, 2016; USDA-NRCS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFestuca pratensis (meadow fescue) Present Snow, 2008; Missouri Botanical Garden, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFicus benghalensis (banyan) Present Imada et al., 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFicus elastica (rubber plant) Present PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFicus microcarpa (Indian laurel tree) Present Whistler, 2000; Weber, 2003; PIER, 2014; Wagner et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFicus pumila (creeping fig) Present USDA-NRCS, 2014; Starr et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFicus religiosa (sacred fig tree) Present only in captivity/cultivation Starr et al., 2003; Strohecker, 2013; PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFimbristylis cymosa (tropical fimbry) Widespread Native NoHEAR, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFimbristylis dichotoma (tall fringe rush) Present Native USDA-NRCS, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFimbristylis littoralis (lesser fimbristylis) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014; Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFlacourtia indica (governor's plum) Present NoPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFlemingia macrophylla (large leaf flemingia) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFlemingia strobilifera (wild hops) Present Introduced YesLorence et al., 1995; PIER, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFragaria vesca (wild strawberry) Present Darrow, 1966; Stone et al., 1992; PIER, 2013; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFraxinus uhdei (tropical ash) Present YesWagner et al., 1999; Haysom and Murphy, 2003; USDA-NRCS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaFurcraea foetida (Mauritius hemp) Widespread Introduced YesImada, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGaillardia pulchella (Indian blanket) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGalinsoga parviflora (gallant soldier) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGalinsoga quadriradiata (shaggy soldier) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGenista monspessulana (Montpellier broom) Present, few occurrences Introduced YesUSDA-ARS, 2005.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGliricidia sepium (mother of cocoa) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGomphocarpus physocarpus (balloon cotton bush) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaGrevillea robusta (silky oak) Present Introduced YesNelson and Schubert, 1976; Cronk and Fuller , 1995; PIER, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHaematoxylum campechianum (logwood) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHalogeton glomeratus (halogeton) Present Introduced YesUSDA-ARS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHedera helix (ivy) Present YesUSDA-NRCS, 2002; Starr et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHedychium coccineum (scarlet ginger lily) Present Introduced Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, 2014; Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHedychium coronarium (white butterfly ginger lily) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2007; HEAR, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHedychium flavescens (wild ginger) Present Introduced YesAnderson and Gardner, 1999; Wagner et al., 1999; PIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHedychium gardnerianum (kahili ginger) Widespread Introduced YesAnderson and Gardner, 1999; PIER, 2000; ISSG, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHeliconia bihai (macaw flower) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHeliocarpus americanus (white moho) Widespread Introduced YesWoodcock, 2003; Grandtner and Chevrette, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHeterotheca grandiflora (telegraph weed) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; PIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHeterotis rotundifolia (pink lady) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHibiscus tiliaceus (coast cottonwood) Present YesUSDA-ARS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHibiscus trionum (Venice mallow) Present Neal, 1965.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHiptage benghalensis (hiptage) Widespread Introduced YesPIER, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHirschfeldia incana (shortpod mustard) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013; USDA-ARS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHolcus lanatus (common velvet grass) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; USDA-NRCS, 2012; PIER, 2013; USDA-ARS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHyparrhenia rufa (Jaragua grass) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHypericum perforatum (St John's wort) Present USDA-ARS, 2015; PIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaHypochaeris radicata (cat's ear) Present YesPIER, 2014; USDA-ARS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaImperata cylindrica (cogon grass) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaIndigofera spicata (creeping indigo) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 2005; PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaIndigofera suffruticosa (Anil indigo) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaIpomoea ochracea (fence morning-glory) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaIpomoea purpurea (tall morning glory) Present USDA-NRCS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaIpomoea triloba (three-lobe morning glory) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaJacaranda mimosifolia (jacaranda) Present YesPIER, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaJasminum fluminense (Brazilian jasmine) Present Introduced YesMotooka et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaJatropha curcas (jatropha) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2008; USDA-NRCS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaJatropha gossypiifolia (bellyache bush) Widespread YesRidley, 1924; Dalziel, 1948; IRVINE, 1961; Chadhokar, 1978; Holm et al., 1979; Dehgan, 1982; Swarbrick, 1997; Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaJuncus effusus (common rush) Present YesWester, 1992; Wysong et al., 2007; Lau and Frohlich, 2012; PIER, 2016; USDA-NRCS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaJuncus ensifolius (swordleaf rush) Localised Introduced YesWester, 1992; Wagner et al., 1999; Daehler, 2005.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaJuncus planifolius (broadleaf rush) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 2005.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaJuncus tenuis (slender rush) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; USDA-ARS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaKalanchoe blossfeldiana (Flaming katy) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaKalanchoe daigremontiana (devil's backbone) Present Introduced YesLorence et al., 1995.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaKalanchoe delagoensis (chandelier plant) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaKalanchoe pinnata (cathedral bells) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaKunzea ericoides (kanuka) Restricted distribution Introduced HEAR, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLamium amplexicaule (henbit deadnettle) Present Introduced NoUSDA-NRCS, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLantana camara (lantana) Widespread Introduced YesDavis et al., 1992.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLemna perpusilla (duckweed) Present Anderson, 1990; Randall, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLeonotis nepetifolia (Christmas candlestick) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; EDDMapS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLeonurus japonicus (honeyweed) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLepidium draba (hoary cress) Present Introduced Lorenzi and Jeffery, 1987.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLeptochloa fusca (sprangletop) Introduced YesPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLeptospermum scoparium (manuka) Localised Introduced YesStarr et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLeucaena diversifolia Present Introduced
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLeucaena leucocephala (leucaena) Present Introduced YesCronk and Fuller, 1995; Binggeli, 1997; ILDIS, 2007; USDA-NRCS, 2007; Englberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLeucanthemum vulgare (oxeye daisy) Present Flora of the Hawaiian Islands, 2015; USDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLigustrum lucidum (broad-leaf privet) Present Nesom, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLigustrum sinense (Chinese privet) Present YesUSDA-ARS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLindernia crustacea (Malaysian false pimpernel) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLolium multiflorum (Italian ryegrass) Present Introduced Lorenzi and Jeffery, 1987; Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLolium perenne (perennial ryegrass) Present USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLolium rigidum (rigid ryegrass) Present Introduced Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLolium temulentum (darnel) Present Introduced Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) Restricted distribution YesHEAR, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLudwigia grandiflora (water primrose) Present GBIF, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLudwigia octovalvis (primrose willow) Present Raven, 1963.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaLythrum maritimum (pukamole) Widespread Introduced YesWagner et al., 1990; Wester, 1992; Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMacaranga tanarius (parasol leaf tree) Localised Introduced YesSkolmen, 1960.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMalvaviscus arboreus (wax mallow) Present PIER, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMarrubium vulgare (horehound) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMedicago polymorpha (bur clover) Present YesPIER, 2013; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMegathyrsus maximus (Guinea grass) Present Introduced YesSanto et al., 2000; USDA-NRCS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMelaleuca quinquenervia (paperbark tree) Widespread Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2007; Dray et al., 2006; PIER, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMelastoma malabathricum (Banks melastoma) Present Haselwood and Motter, 1966; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMelia azedarach (Chinaberry) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2002; Weber , 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMelilotus albus (honey clover) Present YesUSDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMelinis minutiflora (molasses grass) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2002; Missouri Botanical Garden, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMelinis repens (natal redtop) Widespread Introduced YesGBIF, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMentha pulegium (pennyroyal) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMerremia tuberosa (woodrose) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMesosphaerum pectinatum (comb bushmint) Widespread YesWagner et al., 1999; Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMiconia calvescens (miconia) Widespread Introduced YesMedeiros et al., 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMicrolaena stipoides (meadow rice grass, meadow ricegrass) Present Introduced YesO’Connor, 1990; Lorence et al., 1995; Herbst and Clayton, 1998; PIER, 2003; Wysong et al., 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMikania micrantha (bitter vine) Widespread Introduced Englberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMimosa diplotricha (giant sensitive plant) Present Introduced Holm et al., 1977; Waterhouse and Norris, 1987; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMimosa pigra (catclaw mimosa) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMomordica charantia (bitter gourd) Present YesHaselwood and Motter, 1983; Scholz, 1988; Holm et al., 1991; Holm et al., 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMonochoria vaginalis (pickerel weed) Present Holm et al., 1977.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMorella faya (firetree) Widespread Introduced YesVitousek and Walker, 1989.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMorus nigra (black mulberry) Present Lim, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMucuna pruriens (velvet bean) Present PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMurdannia nudiflora (doveweed) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaMyriophyllum aquaticum (parrot's feather) Widespread Orchard, 1981; Holm et al., 1991; Anderson, 1993; USDA-NRCS, 2007; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaNandina domestica (Nandina) Present only in captivity/cultivation Starr and Starr, 2014; GBIF, 2013; GBIF, 2013; PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaNassella trichotoma (serrated tussock grass) Widespread Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaNasturtium microphyllum (one-row watercress) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaNeonotonia wightii (perennial soybean) Widespread YesWagner et al., 1999; PIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaNicotiana glauca (tree tobacco) Present USDA-ARS, 2013; Wagner et al., 1999; Evenhuis and Eldredge, 2003; Space et al., 2009; PIER, 2013; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaNicotiana tabacum (tobacco) Present YesPIER, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2014; Wagner et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOdontonema cuspidatum (Cardinal’s guard) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOlea europaea subsp. cuspidata (wild olive) Present Introduced USDA-ARS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOplismenus hirtellus subsp. undulatifolius (wavyleaf basketgrass) Present, few occurrences Introduced YesSnow and Lau, 2010.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOpuntia ficus-indica (prickly pear) Restricted distribution Introduced YesFullaway, 1954; USDA-NRCS, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOpuntia monacantha (common prickly pear) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013; USDA-ARS, 2013; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOryza rufipogon (wild rice) Present Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaOxalis corniculata (creeping woodsorrel) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2013; Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaederia foetida (skunkvine) Localised Introduced YesPuff, 1991; Wagner et al., 1999; Starr et al., 2003; Smithsonian, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPanicum repens (torpedo grass) Widespread Introduced YesHolm et al., 1977.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaParentucellia viscosa (yellow glandweed) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaParthenium hysterophorus (parthenium weed) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2008; USDA-ARS, 2012; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaspalum conjugatum (sour paspalum) Widespread Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaspalum distichum (knotgrass) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2009; Häfliger and Scholz, 1980.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaspalum scrobiculatum (ricegrass paspalum) Present Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaspalum urvillei (Vasey grass) Widespread Introduced YesMotooka et al., 2003; PIER, 2012; USDA-NRCS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPaspalum vaginatum (seashore paspalum) Present Introduced YesHerbarium Pacificum Staff, 1999; Wagner et al., 1999; Oppenheimer, 2003; USDA-ARS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPassiflora caerulea (blue passionflower) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPassiflora foetida (red fruit passion flower) Present Gardner, 1989; Holm et al., 1991; Holm et al., 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPassiflora suberosa (corkystem passionflower) Present YesLorence et al., 1995; Wagner et al., 1997; Wagner et al., 1999; USDA-NRCS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPassiflora tarminiana (banana passionfruit) Widespread Introduced YesUSDA-ARS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPeltophorum pterocarpum (copperpod) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPennisetum clandestinum (kikuyu grass) Widespread Introduced YesHolm et al., 1979; PIER, 2008; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPennisetum macrourum (African feather grass) Present Weber, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPennisetum polystachion (mission grass) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2008; USDA-NRCS, 2008; USDA-ARS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPennisetum purpureum (elephant grass) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPennisetum setaceum (fountain grass) Widespread Introduced GBIF, 2012; Wagner et al., 2005.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPersicaria chinensis (Chinese knotweed) Present Introduced YesImada et al., 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPersicaria punctata (dotted smartweed) Present Introduced Flora of North America, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPhaius tankervilleae (nun’s-hood orchid) Present Introduced YesAckerman, 2012; Wagner et al., 2012; CGAPS-RCUH, 2014; eMonocot, 2015; USDA-NRCS, 2015; Flora of the Hawaiian Islands, 2016; Orchid Species, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPhalaris paradoxa (awned canary-grass) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2016; Reed, 1977.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPhaseolus lunatus (lima bean) Present PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPhleum pratense (timothy grass) Present Kew, 2015; PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPhormium tenax (New Zealand flax) Localised YesPIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPhyllostachys aurea (golden bamboo) Widespread Introduced YesPIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPhysalis angulata (cutleaf groundcherry) Present YesUSDA-ARS, 2013; Wagner et al., 1999; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPimenta dioica (allspice) Widespread YesSpace and Flynn, 2002b; PIER, 2012a.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPimenta racemosa (bay rum tree) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPinus caribaea (Caribbean pine) Present Introduced YesOppenheimer, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPinus elliottii (slash pine) Localised Introduced YesEvenhuis and Eldredge, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPinus patula (Mexican weeping pine) Present Introduced Yes
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPinus pinaster (maritime pine) Present Introduced YesCronk and Fuller, 1995; USDA-NRCS, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPiper aduncum (spiked pepper) Widespread Introduced YesHartemink, 2006; PIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPiper auritum Present Introduced YesDenslow and Nelson, 2000; Hawaii Invasive Species, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPiper sarmentosum Present Introduced YesEnglberger, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPistia stratiotes (water lettuce) Widespread YesMack and Lonsdale, 2002; Holm et al., 1979; USDA-NRCS, 2012; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPithecellobium dulce (Manila tamarind) Present Introduced YesDegener, 1930; Holm et al., 1979; Little and Skolmen, 1989.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPittosporum undulatum (Australian cheesewood) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2008; USDA-NRCS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPlantago lanceolata (ribwort plantain) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPlantago major (broad-leaved plantain) Present USDA-NRCS, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPlectranthus scutellarioides (coleus) Present Introduced Wagner et al., 1999; Swearingen, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPluchea carolinensis (sourbush) Widespread Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPluchea indica (Indian camphorweed) Widespread Introduced YesPIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPoa compressa (Canada bluegrass) Present USDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPoa pratensis (smooth meadow-grass) Present YesPIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPolycarpon tetraphyllum (fourleaf allseed) Present, few occurrences Introduced YesPIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPolygonum hydropiper (marsh pepper) Present USDA, 1970.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPolypogon monspeliensis (annual beard grass) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2012; Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPortulaca oleracea (purslane) Present Introduced Zimmerman, 1976.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPortulaca pilosa (kiss-me-quick) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaProsopis juliflora (mesquite) Present Introduced YesPasiecznik et al., 2001.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaProsopis pallida (mesquite) Widespread Introduced YesFosberg, 1966.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPrunella vulgaris (self-heal) Present Introduced Flora of the Hawaiian Islands, 2016; USDA-NRCS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPsidium cattleianum (strawberry guava) Widespread Introduced YesCuddihy and Stone, 1990; PIER, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPterolepis glomerata (false meadowbeauty) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2015; Roskov et al., 2015; USDA-ARS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPtychosperma macarthurii (Macarthur palm) Present YesDaehler and Baker, 2006.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPueraria montana var. lobata (kudzu) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaPueraria phaseoloides (tropical kudzu) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRhizophora mangle (red mangrove) Present YesUSDA-ARS, 2015; Duke and Allen, 2006.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRhodomyrtus tomentosa (Downy rose-myrtle) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Csurhes and Hankamer, 2011; USDA-NRCS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRicinus communis (castor bean) Present YesHolm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRivina humilis (bloodberry) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRosa multiflora (Multiflora rose) PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRoystonea oleracea (Caribbean royal palm) Present Introduced NoWong, 2006.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRubus argutus (sawtooth blackberry) Widespread Introduced YesNeal, 1965; Tunison, 1991; Wagner et al., 1999; USDA-NRCS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRubus armeniacus (Himalayan blackberry) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRubus ellipticus (yellow Himalayan raspberry) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1990; Gerrish et al., 1992; Stratton, 1996; Gardner, 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRubus niveus (Mysore raspberry) Present Introduced YesHEAR, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRubus rosifolius (roseleaf raspberry) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRuellia simplex (Mexican petunia) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRumex acetosella (sheep's sorrel) Present YesWagner et al., 1999; PIER, 2013; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaRumex obtusifolius (broad-leaved dock) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSaccharum spontaneum (wild sugarcane) Present Holm et al., 1997; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSacciolepis indica (glen woodgrass) Widespread Introduced YesPIER, 2010; Missouri Botanical Garden, 2012b; Missouri Botanical Garden, 2012b.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSagittaria latifolia (broadleaf arrowhead) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2009; Stone et al., 1992; USDA-NRCS, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSalsola kali (common saltwort) Present YesPIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSalvia occidentalis (West Indian sage) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSamanea saman (rain tree) Present Introduced YesNeal, 1965; Little and Skolmen, 1989; Smith , 1998; ILDIS, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSanchezia parvibracteata (sanchezia) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSanchezia speciosa (shrubby whitevein) Present Introduced YesParker and Parsons, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSansevieria trifasciata (mother-in-law’s tongue) Present YesFlynn and Lorence, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSapium sebiferum (Chinese tallow tree) Present, few occurrences Introduced NoSiemann and Rogers, 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaScaevola taccada (beach naupaka) Present USDA-ARS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSchefflera actinophylla (umbrella tree) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSchinus molle (false pepper tree) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSchinus terebinthifolius (Brazilian pepper tree) Present Introduced YesCronk and Fuller, 1995; Luken and Thieret, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSchizolobium parahyba (false tree-fern) Present only in captivity/cultivation NMNH, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenecio madagascariensis (fireweed) Present Introduced Starr et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenecio vulgaris Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, and, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenna bacillaris (whitebark senna) Present ILDIS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenna multijuga (November shower) Present PIER, 2014; USDA-ARS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenna obtusifolia (sicklepod) Indigenous, localized YesStaples et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenna occidentalis (coffee senna) Widespread Introduced YesHolm et al., 1979; USDA-NRCS, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenna septemtrionalis (smooth senna) Present Introduced Irwin and Barneby, 1982; USDA-NRCS, 2014; Wagner et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenna siamea (yellow cassia) Present YesILDIS, 2007; PIER, 2007; PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenna spectabilis (whitebark senna) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014; Wagner et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSenna surattensis (golden senna) Present Introduced PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSesbania sesban (sesban) Widespread YesPIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSetaria palmifolia (palm grass) Present Introduced YesUSDA-ARS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSetaria parviflora (knotroot foxtail) Widespread Introduced YesBishop Museum, 2013; Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSetaria verticillata (bristly foxtail) Widespread Introduced YesHolm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSida acuta (sida) Widespread Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSilene gallica (common catchfly) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2013; USDA-ARS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSisymbrium irio Present YesPIER, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSolanum elaeagnifolium (silverleaf nightshade) Present EPPO, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSolanum linnaeanum (apple of Sodom) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSolanum mammosum (nipplefruit nightshade) Present YesSpace and Flynn, 2002; PIER, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSolanum mauritianum (tobacco tree) Present Introduced Yes
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSolanum nigrum (black nightshade) Present Holm et al., 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSolanum seaforthianum (Brazilian nightshade) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSolanum torvum (turkey berry) Present Liquido et al., 1994.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSolidago nemoralis (grey goldenrod) Present USDA-NRCS, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSoliva sessilis Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2009.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSonchus arvensis (perennial sowthistle) Present EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSonchus oleraceus (common sowthistle) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSorghum halepense (Johnson grass) Present Introduced YesHolm et al., 1991; PIER, 2008; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSpathodea campanulata (African tulip tree) Present YesPIER, 2008; USDA-ARS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSpathoglottis plicata (Philippine ground orchid) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSpergula arvensis (corn spurry) Present Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSphagneticola trilobata (wedelia) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2008; USDA-NRCS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSporobolus africanus (rat’s tail grass) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1990; PIER, 2016; USDA-ARS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSporobolus indicus (rat tail grass) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSporobolus pyramidatus (whorled dropseed) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999; Starr et al., 2008; PIER, 2016; USDA-NRCS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaStachys arvensis (staggerweed) Present YesHolm et al., 1979; NatureServe, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2014; Wagner et al., 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaStachytarpheta cayennensis (blue snakeweed) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2015; USDA-ARS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaStachytarpheta jamaicensis (Jamaica vervain) Widespread Holm et al., 1991; Holm et al., 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaStachytarpheta urticifolia (rattail) Eradicated Stone et al., 1992; Moldenke, 1980; Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaStellaria media (common chickweed) Present Holm et al., 1991.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSterculia foetida (Java olive) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSynedrella nodiflora (synedrella) Widespread Holm et al., 1991; Holm et al., 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSyngonium podophyllum (arrowhead vine) Present YesOppenheimer, 2004; Englberger, 2009; PIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSyzygium cumini (black plum) Widespread YesMorton, 1987; PIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaSyzygium jambos (rose apple) Restricted distribution Introduced YesSmith, 1985.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTabebuia heterophylla (pink trumpet tree) Present YesPIER, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTagetes minuta (stinking Roger) Present Introduced Haselwood and Motter, 1983; Holm et al., 1991; Holm et al., 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTamarix aphylla (athel) Present Introduced YesCronk and Fuller, 1995.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTaraxacum officinale complex (dandelion) Widespread Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2004.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTecoma stans (yellow bells) Widespread Introduced YesLoope, 1997.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTephrosia candida (white tephrosia) Present ILDIS, 2013; PIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTerminalia catappa (Singapore almond) Present
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaThespesia populnea (portia tree) Present YesUSDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaThunbergia alata (black eyed Susan) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaThunbergia fragrans (whitelady) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaThunbergia grandiflora (Bengal trumpet) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTibouchina herbacea (cane tibouchina) Widespread Introduced YesFrohlich and Lau, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTibouchina urvilleana (princessflower) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2016; USDA-ARS, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTithonia diversifolia (Tithonia) Wagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaToona ciliata (toon) Present Little and Skolmen, 1989; USDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTradescantia fluminensis (wandering Jew) Present Introduced YesFarr et al., 1989.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTradescantia spathacea (boat lily) Present Introduced YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTradescantia zebrina (wandering jew) Present Introduced YesOppenheimer and Bartlett, 2000; Starr et al., 2004; Oppenheimer, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTribulus cistoides (false puncture vine) Present Parsons and Cuthbertson, 1992; Wagner et al., 1999; USDA-NRCS, 2002.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTribulus terrestris (puncture vine) Present Holm et al., 1979.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTridax procumbens (coat buttons) Present Holm et al., 1979; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTriphasia trifolia (limeberry) Present Introduced PIER, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTriumfetta semitriloba (burweed) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTurnera ulmifolia (West Indian holly) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTypha angustifolia (lesser bulrush) Present Anderson, 1990.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTypha domingensis (southern cattail) Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTypha latifolia (broadleaf cattail) Present USDA-NRCS, 2010.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaTypha x glauca (hybrid cattail) Present YesUSDA-NRCS, 2008.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUlex europaeus (gorse) Restricted distribution Introduced YesTulang, 1992; Holm et al., 1997; ILDIS, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUrena lobata (caesar weed) Present YesWagner et al., 1999; PIER, 2004; USDA-NRCS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUrochloa decumbens (signal grass) Present YesPIER, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUrochloa distachya (signal grass) Present USDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUrochloa mutica (para grass) Present YesWagner et al., 1999.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUrochloa panicoides (liverseed grass) Present Introduced Holm et al., 1991; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUrtica urens (annual nettle) Present Wagner et al., 1990.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaUtricularia gibba Present Introduced USDA-NRCS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVallisneria spiralis (eelweed) Localised Staples et al., 2003.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVerbascum thapsus (common mullein) Present YesPIER, 2014; USDA-NRCS, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVerbena litoralis (blue vervain) Present Introduced YesUSDA-NRCS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVerbena rigida (stiff verbena) Widespread Introduced YesPIER, 2015; GBIF, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVerbesina encelioides (golden crownbeard) Widespread YesCarr, 2012; USDA-NRCS, 2012; EPPO, 2014.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVicia villosa (hairy vetch) Present USDA-NRCS, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVigna marina (beach bean) Widespread Native NoWagner et al., 1999; Imada, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVitex rotundifolia (beach vitex) Present Native NoMunir, 1987; Starr and Starr, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVulpia bromoides (squirreltail fescue) Present Introduced USDA-ARS, 2012.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaVulpia myuros (annual fescue) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2014; Howard, 2006.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaWisteria sinensis (Chinese wisteria) Present PIER, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaXanthium strumarium (common cocklebur) Widespread
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaXyris complanata (yellow-eyed grass) Present Introduced YesWester, 1992; US Fish and Wildlife Service, 2010; GBIF, 2015.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaZingiber zerumbet (shampoo ginger) Present YesBranney, 2005; USDA-NRCS, 2013.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaZiziphus mauritiana (jujube) Present Introduced Morton, 1987; Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry, 2002; ISSG, 2003; PIER, 2007.
EukaryotaPlantaeSpermatophytaZoysia matrella (Manila grass) Present Introduced YesPIER, 2016.
EukaryotaPlantaeStreptophytaCampylopus introflexus Absent, invalid record Staples et al., 2004; Hoe, 1974; Frahm, 1985b.
EukaryotaProtistaProtozoaPlasmodium relictum Widespread Introduced YesLaird and Van Riper, 1981; Beadell et al., 2006.
EukaryotaProtistaProtozoaToxoplasma gondii Present
VirusAvipoxvirus Widespread YesHenshaw, 1902; Locke et al., 1965; Warner, 1968; Jenkins et al., 1989; Sileo et al., 1990; Tripathy et al., 2000; Atkinson et al., 2005; van and Riper Forrester, 2007; Jarvi et al., 2008.
VirusBanana bunchy top virus (bunchy top of banana) Present YesHu et al., 1993; CABI/EPPO, 2013; EPPO, 2014.
VirusChelonid herpesvirus 5 Present Herbst et al., 2004.
VirusIris yellow spot virus (iris yellow spot) Restricted distribution CABI/EPPO, 2014; Sether et al., 2010; EPPO, 2014.
VirusMaize chlorotic mottle virus Restricted distribution CABI/EPPO, 2014; Jiang et al., 1992.
VirusMaize dwarf mosaic virus (dwarf mosaic of maize) Present Brewbaker, 1992; CABI/EPPO, 2003.
VirusMaize lethal necrosis disease Present Jensen et al., 1990; Jiang et al., 1990; Ooka et al., 1990.
VirusPapaya ringspot virus Present Holmes et al., 1948; CABI/EPPO, 2003.
VirusSugarcane mosaic virus (mosaic of abaca) Present EPPO, 2014.
VirusTaura syndrome virus Present Lightner et al., 1995.
VirusTomato yellow leaf curl virus (leaf curl) Present Melzer et al., 2010; EPPO, 2014.

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Generate a spreadsheet of the List of Species which also includes records from basic datasheets.

Basic datasheets include data mined from various sources (including the CAB Abstracts database and selected invasive species databases). Further confirmation of distribution status should be sought before use.

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Generate a spreadsheet of the List of Animal Diseases which also includes records from basic datasheets.

Basic datasheets include data mined from various sources (including the CAB Abstracts database). Further confirmation of distribution status should be sought before use.

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