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Cover for Bactrocera cucurbitae (melon fly)

Considered native to India, B. cucurbitae, the melon fly, is now found in more than 40 countries. The potential risk of its introduction...

Cover for Bactrocera oleae (olive fruit fly)

B. oleae is considered the most important pest of cultivated olives, Olea europaea L., in many of the areas of the...

Cover for Bactrocera tryoni (Queensland fruit fly)

B. tryoni, the Queensland fruit fly, is the most costly horticultural pest in Australia and has invaded several countries in the...

Cover for Bactrocera zonata (peach fruit fly)

Native to South and South-East Asia, B. zonata is now found in more than 20 countries. The potential risk of its introduction to a...


B. berengeriana f.sp. pyricola is an ascomycete causing leaf spots, warty growths on stems, and “ring rot” of pear...

Cover for Bactrocera caryeae

B. caryeae occurs in very large numbers in many fruit growing areas of southern India and is probably responsible for much of the damage generally...

Cover for Bactrocera carambolae (carambola fruit fly)

B. carambolae is a very serious pests in Malaysia where it attacks such small carambola fruits that bagging (a normally effective control) is quite...

Cover for Bactrocera facialis

B. facialis is a major pest (Drew and Romig, 1997), which causes up to 100% fruit loss in Capsicum species in...

Cover for Bactrocera frauenfeldi (mango fruit fly)

In Micronesia, B. frauenfeldi has been known to infest 91% of Psidium guajava fruit, 37% of Artocarpus altilis, 20% of Citrus sp., 8% of Mangifera...

Cover for Bactrocera kirki

B. kirki is considered a major pest, and perhaps the most significant in the South Pacific region (Drew and Romig,...

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