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Cover for Dickeya solani (black leg disease of potato)

Dickeya solani is a bacterial pathogen of potato thought to have crossed from horticultural crops in Northern Europe in 2005-2006....

Cover for Datura innoxia (downy thorn apple)

D. innoxia is invasive in the Galapagos islands, New Caledonia, mainland China and Taiwan, and in South Africa and Namibia. It is...

Cover for Flemingia strobilifera (wild hops)

F. strobilifera, more commonly known as wild hops, is an ornamental legume shrub native to South and Southeast Asia where...

Cover for Pimenta racemosa (bay rum tree)

P. racemosa is a tree native to the Caribbean and northern South America. Known as the bay rum tree, crushed leaves have a...


Ceratocephala testiculata is a dwarf, herbaceous annual plant, approximately 2-8 cm in height, native to southeastern Europe and...

Cover for Bassia hyssopifolia (fivehook bassia)

B. hyssopifolia isĀ anĀ annual herb mostly found in arid and semi-arid habitats. It is native to Eurasia but has...

Cover for Atriplex argentea (silverscale saltbush)

A. argentea is an annual herb, commonly known as silverscale saltbush. It is native to North America from southern Canada to...

Cover for Pethia conchonius

Pethia conchonius, commonly known as rosy barb, is a small, popular ornamental freshwater fish that is native to India and other...

Cover for Isometrus maculatus (lesser brown scorpion)

Isometrus maculatus, commonly known as the lesser brown scorpion, is a native species of Asia which now has an extended pantropical...

Cover for Omorgus suberosus (hide beetle)

Omorgus suberosus is a species of hide beetle which is widely distributed throughout its native range of South, Central and...

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