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Cover for Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (western corn rootworm)

D. virgifera virgifera is thought to originate from Central America (Krysan and Smith, 1987). In the twentieth century,...


Heterodera goettingiana is a parasite of Fabaceae.Many cultivars of Pisum sativum are recorded as susceptible. In glasshouse trials P....

Cover for Rhaponticum repens (Russian knapweed)

R. repens is a deep rooted perennial that is native to Eurasia. It was accidentally introduced into North America as a contaminant...

Cover for Spodoptera frugiperda (fall armyworm)

The fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda is a Lepidpopteran pest that feeds in large numbers on leaves and stems of more than 80 plant...

Cover for Meloidogyne javanica (sugarcane eelworm)

Difficulties of identification within the genus Meloidogyne (see Hartman and Sasser, 1985) and the frequent occurrence of mixed species populations...

Cover for Pheidole megacephala (big-headed ant)

P. megacephala is highly invasive and can displace native ants, although the degree of invasiveness varies geographically. In Florida, USA it has a...

Cover for Phenacoccus manihoti (cassava mealybug)

Cassava mealybug spread across the width of Africa in a period of 16 years. Its accidental introduction damaged a staple crop that is particularly...

Cover for Pratylenchus coffeae (banana root nematode)

Introduction P. coffeae is a major pest of bananas, plantains and abaca, yams, coffee, ginger, citrus and other...

Cover for Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (red palm weevil)

Infestations of red palm weevil have a tremendous impact, not only on the economic produce of the palm (dates) but also on society. In the...

Cover for Aonidiella aurantii (red scale)

A. aurantii has been the most notorious pest on citrus in many citrus producing countries in the world. The literature on this pest is very...

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