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This research was carried out to assess inhibitory effect of UV-C (0.88 kJ m-2) against four isolates of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, causal agent of carrot rot, in vitro and in vivo. A bank of seven germicidal tubes was used to produce UV-C radiation with peak emission at 254 nm. The carrot roots...

Ojaghian, M. R.; Zhang JingZe; Xie GuanLin; Wang Qi; Li XiaoLin; Guo DePing
Postharvest Biology and Technology, 2017, 130, pp 94-102
News Article

Fungal diseases are becoming an increasing economic threat for the viticulture industry. A warming climate and restrictions on fungicide use means...

June 2017
Jen Cunniff
CAB ReviewFull Text

Managing disease in tall orchard trees presents unique issues not found in relatively shorter horticultural and agronomic crops, simply due to height Pecan scab (caused by Venturia effusa [G. Winter] Rossman & W.C. Allen) is used as an example of a major disease of one of the tallest orchard...

April 2017
chemical control; crop production; cultural control; disease resistance; fungal diseases; fungicide tolerance; fungicides; pathogens; pecans; plant disease control; plant diseases; plant pathogenic fungi; plant pathogens; pruning
Bock, C. H.; Brenneman, T. B.; Wood, B. W.; Stevenson, K. L.
AbstractFull Text

Objectives: To optimize the extraction technology of total flavonoids component, and investigate its in vitro anti-oxidation activity. Methods: The single factor was inspected firstly. By orthogonal experiment, the best extraction conditions of total flavonoids from fruits and leaves of P. mume...

Zhai Xue; Jin Qian; Xiang HaiYan; Wang FengLin; Liu Yuan
The Journal Board of Medicinal Plant
Medicinal Plant, 2017, 8, 2, pp 25-31, 36

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