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Background: Spray-drying is one of the highly utilized techniques to increase the shelf-life of food products. However, there are problems during spray-drying of sugar-rich fruit and vegetable juices due to the low glass transition temperature of sugars present in these products (Bhandari, Datta,...

Tontul, I.; Topuz, A.
Elsevier Ltd
Trends in Food Science & Technology, 2017, 63, pp 91-102
News Article

A new review added to the Horticultural Science database this week focusses on management strategies for the tomato leafminer, Tuta absoluta, an...

April 2017
Alexis Rendell-Dunn
CAB ReviewFull Text

Managing disease in tall orchard trees presents unique issues not found in relatively shorter horticultural and agronomic crops, simply due to height Pecan scab (caused by Venturia effusa [G. Winter] Rossman & W.C. Allen) is used as an example of a major disease of one of the tallest orchard...

April 2017
chemical control; crop production; cultural control; disease resistance; fungal diseases; fungicide tolerance; fungicides; pathogens; pecans; plant disease control; plant diseases; plant pathogenic fungi; plant pathogens; pruning
Bock, C. H.; Brenneman, T. B.; Wood, B. W.; Stevenson, K. L.
AbstractFull Text

Fluorescent pseudomonads are an ecologically important group of rhizobacteria that are well accepted as biocontrol agent and plant growth promoter. Exploitation of such rhizobacteria for management of plant diseases reduces the hazardous effects of chemical to the environment as well as to human...

Kongbrailatpam, J. D.; Dipali Majumder; Dwipendra Thakuria; Binalata Kangjam
MKK Publication
Environment and Ecology, 2017, 35, 2B, pp 1075-1080

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