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Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Prunus cerasus (sour cherry)

P. cerasus is tetraploid with a haploid number of 16 chromosomes (2n = 4x = 32). The sour cherry tree has a variable...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Olea europaea subsp. europaea (European olive)

O. europaea subsp. europaea, the cultivated olive, is native to Africa and temperate Asia as well as southern Europe. It...

Datasheet (Full)

Magnolia scale, Neolecanium cornuparvum, is a scale insect that is native to the eastern USA, where it is a widely distributed pest...

Datasheet (Full)

T. processionea, commonly known as the oak processionary moth, is a major pest in many European countries and threatens the health...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Bactrocera dorsalis (Oriental fruit fly)

Bactrocera dorsalis is a highly invasive species. Native to Asia, Oriental fruit fly is now found in at least 65 countries,...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Bactrocera tryoni (Queensland fruit fly)

B. tryoni, the Queensland fruit fly, is the most costly horticultural pest in Australia and has invaded several countries in the...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Meloidogyne javanica (sugarcane eelworm)

Difficulties of identification within the genus Meloidogyne (see Hartman and Sasser, 1985) and the frequent occurrence of mixed species populations...

Datasheet (Full)

M. persicae is the most important aphid virus vector. It has been shown to transmit well over 100 plant virus diseases, in about 30...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Popillia japonica (Japanese beetle)

The Japanese beetle was first discovered in New Jersey, USA in 1916. It probably entered the USA as grubs with iris bulbs before 1912 when plant...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Venturia carpophila (almond scab)

The anamorphs of Venturia have recently been monographed (Schubert et al., 2003), and molecular sequence analyses have been carried out (Beck et...

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