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Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Monilinia fructicola (brown rot)

Monilinia fructicola (brown rot)

M. fructicola causes severe losses on stone fruits (Prunus species), both before and after harvest. Heavy losses have been reported in North...

Datasheet (Full)

Buddleja asiatica (dog tail)

B. asiatica is native to eastern Asia and was introduced into Hawaii prior to 1908 where it has become widespread and locally...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Botryotinia fuckeliana (grey mould-rot)

Botryotinia fuckeliana (grey mould-rot)

B. fuckeliana infects a very wide range of plants including field-grown crops such as grapes and greenhouse-grown vegetables, flowers and fruits....

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Ralstonia solanacearum (bacterial wilt of potato)

Ralstonia solanacearum (bacterial wilt of potato)

The strains in the race 3 group are a select agent under the US Agricultural Bioterrorism Protection Act of 2002 (USDA, 2005). Peculiarly,...

Datasheet (Full)

Frankliniella occidentalis (western flower thrips)

Phytophagous thrips in general have many features that predispose them to be invasive: they are very small, they hide in small spaces and are hard...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Verticillium albo-atrum (verticillium wilt of lucerne)

Verticillium albo-atrum (verticillium wilt of lucerne)

To a very large degree the diseases caused by V. albo-atrum are effectively controlled through the use of healthy planting material, resistant...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Bruguiera gymnorhiza (black mangrove)

Bruguiera gymnorhiza (black mangrove)

B. gymnorhiza is a tree adapted to mangrove ecosystems, exhibiting viviparous germination behaviour. The bark contains up to 35% tannin, which is...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Calliandra houstoniana var. calothyrsus (calliandra)

Calliandra houstoniana var. calothyrsus (calliandra)

C. houstoniana var. calothyrsus is a nitrogen-fixing tree legume which has recently become popular for use in...

Datasheet (Full)

Gibberella avenacea (Fusarium blight)

Although it is not the only pathogen involved in many of the fusarial diseases, it is one of the important components of Fusarium complexes that...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Glomerella cingulata (anthracnose)

Glomerella cingulata (anthracnose)

Pre- and post-harvest losses of many high-value crops are substantial in the tropics because of various diseases caused by C. gloeosporioides....

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