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Study on pesticide residues of phorate and emamectin benzoate in the ball well protected cauliflower variety.

In order to study the difference and cause in the amount of pesticide residues between ball well protected and unprotected cauliflower varieties, Jinpin 70, a new male sterile cauliflower variety with ball well protected, and Xuebao with ball unprotected were used as plant materials, to investigate...

Yao XingWei; Li Hui; Liu LiLi; Wu Feng; Xiao Yu; Shan XiaoZheng; Wen ZhengHua; Niu GuoBao; Jiang HanMin; Sun DeLing
Henan Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Henan Agricultural Sciences, 2015, 44, 4, pp 110-113

Ecology of Soil Microorganisms 2015

29 November - 3 December 2015 - Prague

Czech Republic
Petr Baldrian
Contact Details
Institute of Microbiology of the ASCR, Videnska 1083, 14220 Prague 4, Czech Republic
News Article

Earth Day 2015

Today marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.  It is an annual event to celebrate the planet and raise public awareness around environmental...

April 2015
Stephanie Cole
CAB ReviewFull Text

Prediction of nitrogen efficiency in dairy cattle: a review.

Increasing the efficiency of conversion of feed nitrogen (N) into milk and meat N in dairy cattle is an integral part of the effort to maintain or increase food production while decreasing agriculture's environmental impact. Mathematical models provide a means to assess and compare different...

April 2015
accuracy; cattle dung; dairy cattle; emissions; environmental impact; excretion; feeds; food production; mathematical models; meat; milk; nitrogen; nitrogen balance; nitrogen metabolism; nutrient requirements; protein; protein requirement; reviews; sustainability; urine
Reed, K. F.; Casper, D. P.; France, J.; Kebreab, E.
CABI Book Info
Cover for Climate change and global health.

Climate change and global health.

This book describes the direct and indirect global impacts of climate change. It includes 30 chapters divided into 7 parts. Part I (Introduction) includes 2 chapters describing anthropocene and the impact of climate change on global health. Part II includes 4 chapters focusing on the primary health...

Butler, C. D.
2014 CABI (H ISBN 9781780642659)
AbstractFull Text

Effects of wheat straw biochar and nitrogen amendment on methane and nitrous oxide distribution characteristics within soil profile in rice-wheat annual rotations.

Objectives: Biochar has been proposed as a potent tool for greenhouse gas mitigations. The distribution characteristics of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) in the soil profiles can provide detailed information on the mechanisms of greenhouse gas production and emissions. Methods: Four...

Zhou ZiQiang; Li Lu; Zhang Heng; Xiong ZhengQin
Nanjing Agricultural University
Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University, 2015, 38, 3, pp 431-438
AbstractFull Text

The heavy metals in agrosystems and impact on health and quality of life.

The metal is a chemical element that conducts electricity well and heat, and the nonferrous metals builds cations and ionic bonds. Heavy metals include metals whose density is higher than 5 g/cm3. The whole range of the metal is in the form of essential trace elements, essential for a number of...

Tutic, A.; Novakovic, S.; Lutovac, M.; Biocanin, R.; Ketin, S.; Omerovic, N.
ID Design
Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences, 2015, 3, 2, pp 345-355
AbstractFull Text

Comparatives effectiveness of two vetiveria grasses species Chrysopogon zizanioides and Chrysopogon nigritana for the remediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals.

The study was carried out at the screen house of the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (I.A.R&T) to determine the responses of two vetiver grasses cultivars (Vetiver zizanioides and Vetiver nigritana) on four different contaminated soils and their potential to remediate metal...

Adigun, M. O.; Are, K. S.
American Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 2015, 8, 6, pp 361-366
AbstractFull Text

Use of fish as bio-indicator of the effects of heavy metals pollution.

The present review gives a brief account of the toxic effects of heavy metals on fish. In aquatic ecosystem, heavy metals are considered as the most important pollutants, since they are present throughout the ecosystem and are detectable in critical amounts. Heavy metals, such as mercury, cadmium,...

Authman, M. M. N.; Zaki, M. S.; Khallaf, E. A.; Abbas, H. H.
OMICS Publishing Group
Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development, 2015, 6, 4, pp 328
AbstractFull Text

Exploring the use of random regression models with Legendre polynomials to analyze clutch size in Iranian native fowl.

Random regression models (RRM) have become common for the analysis of longitudinal data or repeated records on individual over time. The goal of this paper was to explore the use of random regression models with orthogonal/Legendre polynomials (RRL) to analyze new repeated measures called clutch...

Tabrizi, A. E.; Tahmoorespur, M.; Javaremi, A. N.
Islamic Azad University
Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science, 2015, 5, 2, pp 453-458

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