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Theoretical lessons for increasing algal biofuel: evolution of oil accumulation to avert carbon starvation in microalgae.

Microalgae-derived oil is considered as a feasible alternative to fossil-derived oil. To produce more algal biomass, both algal population size and oil accumulation in algae must be maximized. Most of the previous studies have concentrated on only one of these issues, and relatively little...

Akita, T.; Kamo, M.
Elsevier Ltd
Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2015, 380, pp 183-191
CAB ReviewFull Text

Energy self-sufficient sustainable integrated farming systems for livelihood security under a changing climate scenario in an Indian context: a case-study approach.

The farming systems of the world have to meet multiple demands, e.g. supporting livelihood, conserving biodiversity, off-setting emissions and adapting to climate change. As a traditional way of farming in India, an integrated farming system (IFS) represents multiple crops (cereals, legumes, tree...

August 2015
agricultural policy; beekeeping; biodiversity; biofuels; biogas; cereals; climate change; conservation; crop production; economic analysis; farming systems; fish culture; legumes; livestock farming; renewable energy; solar energy; sustainability; vegetables; wind power
Behera, U. K.; Amjath Babu; Kaechele, H.; France, J.
News Article

Report highlights link between bioenergy and sustainability

Up to 30 percent of the world’s energy needs could be met if land for grazing was converted into fields used to grow crops for bioenergy,...

August 2015
Stephanie Cole

3rd International Conference on Agricultural and Food Engineering

23 - 25 August 2016 - Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur
Contact Details
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
+6 03-8946 4455
+6 03-8946 6425
CABI Book Info
Cover for Climate change and global health.

Climate change and global health.

This book describes the direct and indirect global impacts of climate change. It includes 30 chapters divided into 7 parts. Part I (Introduction) includes 2 chapters describing anthropocene and the impact of climate change on global health. Part II includes 4 chapters focusing on the primary health...

Butler, C. D.
2014 CABI (H ISBN 9781780642659)
AbstractFull Text

Effects of petroleum hydrocarbon levels on morphological and physiological characteristics of two bermudagrass species.

Petroleum hydrocarbons (PHs) are one of the most important soil contaminants. Presence of these compounds in soil may cause some stresses to plants and make the growth conditions unfavorable. Thus, for landscaping in the contaminated areas, tolerant plants to these stresses are needed. The aim of...

Saraeian, Z.; Etemadi, N.; Haghighi, M.; Hajabbasi, M. A.; Afyuni, M.
Isfahan University of Technology
Journal of Science and Technology of Greenhouse Culture, 2015, 6, 22, pp Pe107-Pe119, En120
AbstractFull Text

Effect of copper and zinc on growth characteristics, concentration of some mineral elements and translocation capacities of elements into infusion and decoction of dragon's head (Lallemantia iberica F. & C.M) under greenhouse conditions.

In order to investigate the effect of different levels of Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) on morphological traits of dragon's head, concentration of Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, P and K in root and shoot and concentration of Cu and Zn in infusion and decoction, a greenhouse experiment was conducted as factorial based...

Asgari, H.; Motesharezadeh, B.; Savaghebi, G. R.; Hadiyan, J.
Isfahan University of Technology
Journal of Science and Technology of Greenhouse Culture, 2015, 6, 22, pp Pe145-Pe160, En161
AbstractFull Text

Biostimulant usage for preserving strawberries to climate damages.

Climate changes affect horticultural production through the occurrence of late spring frosts. Therefore plant management is gaining more importance with the aim of improving plant condition. The research deals with the biostimulator containing amino-acids of animal origin (porcine blood) which can...

Bogunovic, I.; Duralija, B.; Gadze, J.; Kisic, I.
Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Horticultural Science, 2015, 42, 3, pp 132-140
AbstractFull Text

Energy value and combustion rate of Parkia biglobosa (Jacq.) R.Br. ex G.Don.

Fresh wood sample of Parkia biglobosa (Jacq.) R.Br. ex G.Don was taken from Buskuri open forest and tested for moisture content, calorific value, combustion rate and its coppicing ability measured. The study shows that the moisture content at the time of energy determination was found to be 6.04...

Wakili, A.; Abdullahi, M. B.; Ezra, A. G.; Madara, M. S.
Journal Issues Limited
International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research, 2015, 3, 8, pp 337-340
AbstractFull Text

The effect of zeolite, bentonite and sepiolite minerals on heavy metal uptake by sunflower.

Mining, industrial and agricultural activities can result in considerable soil pollution by heavy metals (HMs). One of the methods to control this pollution is application of adsorbent minerals. The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of adsorbent minerals (bentonite, zeolite and...

Fard, N. E.; Givi, J.; Houshmand, S.
Isfahan University of Technology
Journal of Science and Technology of Greenhouse Culture, 2015, 6, 21, pp Pe55-Pe63, En64

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