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3rd International Conference on Water

13 - 16 July 2015 - Athens

Dr. Gregory T. Papanikos

Bioaccumulated toxic and heavy metals in human blood samples from central Punjab, Pakistan.

A total of 90 blood samples were collected to assess the concentration of selected metals in the whole blood of individuals, working along or near Grand trunk Road for almost 15 years, hence exposed to automobile emission, furthermore the impact of smoking and profession were also evaluated in...

Shahid Mahmood; Nadia Iram; Abbas, M. N.; Mumtaz, M. W.; Razia Iqbal; Majid Hussain
Elite Scientific Forum
Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences, 2014, 12, 1, pp 42-47
News Article

New framework hopes to address causes of biodiversity loss

The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has developed a simplified framework that shows the interactions...

January 2015
Stephanie Cole
CAB ReviewFull Text

A re-evaluation of castor (Ricinus communis L.) as a crop plant.

Castor (Ricinus communis L.) has been transformed from a wasteland colonizer to an important industrial oilseed crop. Its seed oil is one of the most sought-after vegetable oils because of its rich properties and variety of end-users. Castor is an ancient crop but its production now has been...

December 2014
castor beans; exports; genetic improvement; imports; productivity; reviews
Kammili Anjani
CABI Book Info
Cover for Climate change and global health.

Climate change and global health.

This book describes the direct and indirect global impacts of climate change. It includes 30 chapters divided into 7 parts. Part I (Introduction) includes 2 chapters describing anthropocene and the impact of climate change on global health. Part II includes 4 chapters focusing on the primary health...

Butler, C. D.
2014 CABI (H ISBN 9781780642659)
AbstractFull Text

Speciation in Malagasy lemurs: a review of the cryptic diversity in genus Lepilemur.

Introduction. Madagascar is one of the highest biodiversity hotspots on the planet; however, it is also one of the most heavily impacted countries in the world in terms of forest degradation and general habitat destruction. Literature. Genus Lepilemur, in family Lepilemuridae, is a genus of small,...

Wilmet, L.; Schwitzer, C.; Devillers, P.; Beudels-Jamar, R. C.; Vermeulen, C.
Les Presses Agronomiques de Gembloux
Biotechnologie, Agronomie, Société et Environnement, 2014, 18, 4, pp 577-588
AbstractFull Text

Comparative performance of different methods of rice establishments in Ranker district of Chhattisgarh state.

Rice is the chief grains and staple food of India. In Chhattisgarh about 80% of the population in the state is engaged in agriculture and 43% of the entire arable land is under cultivation. Due to climate change and uncertainty in rainfall cases delay in sowing and results in pest attack and...

Atul Dange; Birbal Sahu; Rathore, A. L.; Devchand Salam
MKK Publication
Environment and Ecology, 2014, 32, 4B, pp 1748-1752
AbstractFull Text

Zooplankton diversity of a pond in Tripura by Shanon Diversity Index.

Zooplankton groups are characteristic indicators of water quality, eutrophication and pollution levels and are an important source of food chain. They play an important role as grazers, suspension feeders and predators within the zooplankton community. The Shanon index of rotifers is highest during...

Nandita Ray; Pampa Bhattacharjee
MKK Publication
Environment and Ecology, 2014, 32, 4B, pp 1741-1743
AbstractFull Text

Men and women farmers' perception about climate change in arid ecosystem of Rajasthan.

This research investigated farmers' perceptions about climate change and how their perceptions are linked with their gender. The study was conducted in the arid ecosystem of Bikaner district of Rajasthan. Two stages stratified random sampling procedure was followed in selection of respondents....

Rajesh Bishnoi; Premlata Singh; Dhadwad, M. B.; Sangeetha, V.
MKK Publication
Environment and Ecology, 2014, 32, 4B, pp 1725-1729
AbstractFull Text

Effect of municipal sewage on build up of heavy metals in vegetables in the vicinity of Jaipur city of eastern Rajasthan.

Water and vegetables samples were collected from the fields irrigated with sewage, dilute sewage and tube well water. The collected samples were analyzed for chemical parameters by using standard methods. The sewage water from Aminishah Nala contains higher values of metallic cation (Zn, Cu, Fe,...

Kumawat, S. R.; Yadav, B. L.; Majumdar, S. P.
MKK Publication
Environment and Ecology, 2014, 32, 4B, pp 1673-1676

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