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A. bilimbi is a commonly cultivated tree species of the Old World tropics introduced in the 1790s to the Neotropics, where it has...

Cover for Tuta absoluta (tomato leafminer)

Following its introduction into Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, T. absoluta has already caused extensive economic damage....

Cover for Tarophagus proserpina (taro planthopper)

Tarophagus spp. are a major pest of Colocasia esculenta, both by direct feeding and as vectors of the rhabdoviruses Alomae and Bobone (Francki et...

Cover for Ceratitis capitata (Mediterranean fruit fly)

C. capitata is a highly invasive species. It has a high dispersive ability, a very large host range and a tolerance of both natural...

Cover for Asparagus officinalis (asparagus)

Herbaceous, dioecious, climbing or erect perennial monocot, up to 2 m tall, with a robust woody rhizome comprising a number of bud clusters...

Cover for Bauhinia purpurea (purple bauhinia)

B. purpurea is a fast-growing tree that has a wide natural distribution range and has been introduced worldwide. This species has...


False oat-grass, Arrhenatherum elatius, is a tall, usually erect, tussock-forming, perennial grass. It is sensitive to low...

Cover for Armillaria mellea (armillaria root rot)

A. mellea is distributed in western and southern Europe, the southern USA, southern Japan, probably Maghreb, Caucasus and the near Orient, and...

Cover for Aulacophora foveicollis (red pumpkin beetle)

In Greece, Pavlakos (1943) stated that attack by larval A. foveicollis on the roots and stems of sweet melons resulted in the entry of fungi,...

Cover for Botryotinia fuckeliana (grey mould-rot)

B. fuckeliana infects a very wide range of plants including field-grown crops such as grapes and greenhouse-grown vegetables, flowers and fruits....

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