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Cover for Ceratocystis platani

Ceratocystis platani

C. platani is an aggressive fungal pathogen that attacks plane trees (Platanus spp.) by entering through wounds...

Cover for Citrus leprosis virus C

Citrus leprosis virus C

CiLV-C is a quarantine pest which causes an economically important disease, reported only on the American continent. During the...

Cover for Cassava brown streak viruses

Cassava brown streak viruses

CBSD was formerly of limited importance in Africa as a whole because of its restricted distribution along lowland coastal areas of Kenya...


Ditylenchus destructor

In general, D. destructor can become important as a pest of potatoes at temperatures of 15-20°C and at relative humidity above 90%. Healthy seed...

Cover for Erwinia amylovora

Erwinia amylovora

The long distance spread of fire blight is a rare event which in most cases seems to be the result of plants or plant tissues being moved...

Cover for Hop stunt viroid

Hop stunt viroid

Hop stunt viroid (HSVd) is a covalently closed, single-stranded RNA molecule of 297 nucleotides (Sano et al., 1985). Variants consisting of...


Metrogaleruca obscura

The shrub, Cordia curassavica, commonly called black sage or 'Herbe Condé', is a member of the Boraginaceae which is...


Nicotiana glauca

N. glauca is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to central northwest Argentina and Bolivia. It is a successful invasive of...

Cover for Phytophthora cambivora

Phytophthora cambivora

P. cambivora is an invasive species that persists and spreads in different environments. Its invasiveness is increased by its capacity to survive...

Cover for Phytophthora cryptogea

Phytophthora cryptogea

P. cryptogea is a serious plant pathogen in many countries, causing great damage especially to tomato and ornamentals grown in nurseries,...

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