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Cover for Colletotrichum capsici (leaf spot of peppers)

Causes serious disease problems in India on various hosts, especially Capsicum annuum and Piper betle (up to 35% loss has been reported; Maiti and...

Cover for Pantoea ananatis (fruitlet rot of pineapple)

To classify P. ananatis as an invasive pathogen is difficult. It is a ubiquitous bacterium (Coutinho et al., 2006) and a common epiphyte on plant...


F. sporotrichioides is not important as a plant pathogen, but is of significance due to the formation of mycotoxins (trichothecenes) in improperly...

Cover for Phytophthora nicotianae (black shank)

Black shank occurs worldwide, but is most severe in warmer climates. Losses occur during all stages of development and can reach 100% in some...

Cover for Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (cottony soft rot)

IntroductionSclerotinia diseases may affect both yield and quality of crops; the range of crop losses can vary from 0 to100%...

Cover for Mikania micrantha (bitter vine)

M. micrantha is a fast growing vine, native to Central and South America. It was intentionally introduced into a number of countries...


Wheat blast is a fungal disease of wheat which is caused by a host-specialized ascomycete Magnaporthe...


Of the two citrus scab pathogens, E. fawcettii is the more widespread but E. australis is more economically significant as it attacks species of...

Cover for Agrilus planipennis (emerald ash borer)

The emerald ash borer, A. planipennis is an East Asian wood-boring beetle that is presently causing dramatic damage to ash...

Cover for Elsinoë brasiliensis (superelongation disease of cassava)

Epidemics of super-elongation disease of cassava can be locally severe and losses can be heavy. Losses usually occur in the form of drastically...

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