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Apanteles bordagei

The life-cycle from egg to emergence of adult varies from 14 to 25 days depending on temperature. After the host larva pupates, the parasite...

Cover for Oryctes rhinoceros (coconut rhinoceros beetle)

Oryctes rhinoceros (coconut rhinoceros beetle)

O. rhinoceros is included in the Global Invasive Species Database (ISSG,...

Cover for Ceratocystis fimbriata (Ceratocystis blight)

Ceratocystis fimbriata (Ceratocystis blight)

The literature suggests that introduced populations of C. fimbriata have thus far remained restricted to particular cultivated hosts. This is...

Cover for Broad bean wilt virus (lamium mild mosaic)

Broad bean wilt virus (lamium mild mosaic)

BBWV can cause substantial yield loss because of its effect on plant development and quality. In broad bean, BBWV caused considerable damage in...

Cover for Imperata cylindrica (cogon grass)

Imperata cylindrica (cogon grass)

I. cylindrica is a serious weed not only in crops but also in natural areas, causing serious economic and environmental damage. The...

Cover for Sternochetus mangiferae (mango seed weevil)

Sternochetus mangiferae (mango seed weevil)

S. mangiferae is a monophagous pest on mangoes. It is one of the most important mango pests and widespread in most mango-growing...

Cover for Hymenula cerealis (Cephalosporium stripe)

Hymenula cerealis (Cephalosporium stripe)

H. cerealis is a pathogen that causes a vascular wilt disease of gramineous hosts known as Cephalosporium stripe. It is the only...


Crassula ovata (jade plant)

Crassula ovata is a large, much-branched, hairless and floriferous shrub from southern Africa. Commonly known as the jade plant or...

Cover for Anguina tritici (bunted wheat)

Anguina tritici (bunted wheat)

A. tritici has been practically eliminated from grainfields in Europe by using clean seed and crop rotation. Up to 100% losses have been reported...


Globisporangium irregulare (dieback: carrot)

The economic impact of diseases caused by P. irregulare depends on the relative importance of the crop in the production area. P. irregulare, along...

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