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Cover for Metopolophium dirhodum (rose-grass aphid)

M. dirhodum is one of the most economically significant insect pests of wheat in Washington, USA (Pike and Tanigoshi, 1996) and was...


Phleum pratense is a tufted or single-stemmed, short-lived, cool-season perennial grass that grows in stools or clumps, reaching up...

Cover for Potato virus Y (potato mottle)

Although most isolates of PVY cause only mild mottling in pepper, tobacco and tomato, some can cause yield losses of 10-100% in potato (de...

Cover for Solenopsis geminata (tropical fire ant)

Relative to other invasive fire ant species such as Solenopsis invicta, the tropical fire ant, S. geminata, has a greater world-wide distribution....

Cover for Sitobion avenae (wheat aphid)

Introduction S. avenae is found on numerous species of Poaceae worldwide, and is a pest of cereal...

Cover for Zucchini yellow mosaic virus

ZYMV occurrence is high and regular in regions with hot climatic conditions (tropical, sub-tropical and Southern Mediterranean regions such as in...

Cover for Bean yellow mosaic virus (bean yellow mosaic)

In agricultural practice, the incidence of infection is often high. For example, in Germany, a survey of 63 localities during 1973-80 showed the...


Agropyron cristatum is a long-lived perennial grass that grows in a variety of habitats. Thanks to a combination of a deep fibrous...


The economic impact of SBMV-B is usually insignificant. Because of its higher seed-transmission rate and more severe symptoms, SBMV-CP can...

Cover for Leptopharsa heveae (rubber tingid bug)

L. heveae is the most important insect pest of rubber in South America. In addition to the direct damage caused by infestation, it predisposes the...

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