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Cover for Abies lasiocarpa

Abies lasiocarpa

GeneralA. lasiocarpa ranges from a prostrate shrub (krummholz in subalpine parkland) to a large tree, occasionally over 30 m tall...

Cover for Abies grandis

Abies grandis

GeneralA. grandis grows to 30-50 m tall (the tallest living specimen is 81 m tall), and 70-130 cm d.b.h. (up to 220 cm). It has a...

Cover for Abies sachalinensis

Abies sachalinensis

HabitEvergreen tree 25-30 m high (occassionally to 40 m) and 50-70 cm diameter. Ovoid conic crown, densely branched (Bobrov,...

Cover for Acacia auriculiformis

Acacia auriculiformis

In Florida, USA, A. auriculiformis is a category 1 alien plant (Langeland and Burks, 1998). Space et al. (2000) list A....

Cover for Elaeagnus angustifolia

Elaeagnus angustifolia

E. angustifolia, the Russian olive, is one of several species of Elaeagnus that has proven invasive. It is native to temperate...

Cover for Siphoninus phillyreae

Siphoninus phillyreae

Siphoninus phillyreae is a severe pest on pear and apple in Europe, often leading to high crop losses. On fruit trees, S. phillyreae may reach high...


Aleurotrachelus atratus

The whitefly A. atratus is a highly invasive pest of coconut and ornamental palms (Arecaceae). Before the 1990s this species was...

Cover for Abies alba

Abies alba

HabitA tree with a pyramidal, compact, erect and dense crown, with a low crown base only in isolated individual trees. In older...

Cover for Abies concolor

Abies concolor

General habitAbies concolor is a large forest tree, commonly reaching a height of 40-55 m, occasionally taller. Mature trees may...

Cover for Abies balsamea

Abies balsamea

GeneralA. balsamea is a small to medium-sized tree, 12 to 25 m tall and a stem diameter range of 15 to 60 cm, exceptionally to 120...

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