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Tourism and Generation Y

Tourism and Generation Y

Edited by P Benckendorff, The University of Queensland, Australia, G Moscardo, James Cook University, Australia, D Pendergast, University of Queensland, Australia

December 2009 / Hardback / 184 Pages / 9781845936013 £70.00 / €90.00 / $130.00
With 10% online discount: £63.00 / €81.00 / $117.00
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Main Description

Generation Y is a phenomenon identified by social scientists and social commentators, and is frequently discussed in the media. Referring to the current generation of young people, the label attributes to this generation modes of behaviour, values and attitudes distinct from previous generations. This book looks at Generation Y in a tourism context; in broad conceptual terms such as trends and behaviour, and in applied terms, for example looking at particular types of travel that Generation Y takes part in, and tourism marketing aimed specifically at them. This volume aims to define and examine the current and future generation of tourism workers and consumers, and will be an essential read for researchers and students in tourism studies and related industries.

  • I: Introduction
  • PART 1: Gen Y and Tourism
  • 1: Getting to know the Y Generation - Donna Pendergast
  • 2: Mythbusting: Generation Y and Travel - Gianna Moscardo, Pierre Benckendorff
  • 3: How Generation Y Behaves Differently in Travel Behaviors: A Comparison of Baby Boomers and Generation X - Yu-Chin Huang, James F. Petrick
  • 4: Misunderstanding Generation Y: Risks for Tourism Managers - Pierre Benckendorff, Gianna Moscardo
  • PART 2: Gen Y Tourist Behaviour
  • 5: Generation Y as wine tourists: Their expectations and experiences at the winery cellar door - Joanna Fountain, Steve Charters
  • 6: Generation Y: Perspectives of quality in youth adventure travel experiences in an Australian backpacker context - Gayle Jennings, Carl Cater, Young-Sook Lee, Claudia Ollenburg, Amanda Ayling, Brooke Lunny
  • 7: Nature-based Tourism in North America: Is Generation Y the Major Cause of Increased Participation? - Lori Pennington-Gray, Sandy Blair
  • 8: Tourism and the N-Generation in a Dynamically Changing Society: A Case of South Korea - Minkyung Park, Hochan Jang, Seokho Lee, Russell Brayley
  • 9: Beach Safety and Millennium Youth: Travellers and Sentinels - Jeff Wilks, Donna Pendergast
  • 10: Personal Travel Safety: A New Generational Perspective - Jeff Wilks, Donna Pendergast
  • PART 3: Capitalising on Gen Y as Consumers and Producers
  • 11: Adjusting Attitudes Using Traditional Media: Magazines Can Still Move Millennials - Marsha D. Loda, Barbara C. Coleman
  • 12: Understanding Generation Y’s attitudes towards a career in the industry - Scott Richardson
  • 13: Generation Y and Work In Tourism and Hospitality: Problem? What Problem? - Grant Cairncross, Jeremy Buultjens
  • 14: Generation Y’s Future Tourism Demand: Some Opportunities and Challenges - Petra Glover

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