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Global Theme Park Industry

Global Theme Park Industry

By S Anton Clavé, Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona, Spain

April 2007 / Paperback / 480 Pages / 9781845932084 £37.50 / €50.00 / $72.50
With 10% online discount: £33.75 / €45.00 / $65.25
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Main Description

Since the 1980s, the theme park industry has developed into a global phenomenon, with everything from large, worldwide theme parks to countless smaller ventures. From the first pleasure gardens to the global theme park companies, this book provides an understanding of the nature and function of theme parks as spaces of entertainment. Illustrated throughout by worldwide case studies, empirical data and practical examples, the book portrays the impacts of theme parks as global competitive actors, agents of global development and cultural symbols, particularly in the context of their role in the developing experience economy.In conclusion, this book is a practical guide to the planning and development of theme parks.

  • 1: The social origins of the theme park concept
  • Case 1: Searching the origin of amusement parks at Bakken, Denmark
  • Case 2: The New World in Singapore, an early XXth century amusement park in Asia
  • 2: Development and categorisation
  • Case 3: Efteling, the best childhood memories for everyone
  • Case 4: Huis ten Bosch, a replica of the Dutch world in Japan
  • Case 5: Cedar Fair, the roller coaster capital of the world
  • 3: Globalization of the theme park industry
  • Case 6: The recent growth of the theme park industry in Brazil
  • 4: A profile of major theme park operators
  • Case 7: The family-run Europa Park
  • Case 8: A chocolate-related entertainment destination in Hersey, Pennsylvania
  • Case 9: Suncity, entertainment and property development in Malaysia
  • 5: Theme parks and the commercialisation of leisure
  • Case 10: The ecohistorical parks of Grupo Xcaret
  • Case 11: The globalisation of leisure and the Sesame Street characters
  • 6: The urbanism of theme parks and spatial innovation
  • Case 12: The creation of a leisure destination in Dubai
  • 7: The impact of theme parks
  • Case 13: Environmental protection measures in the redevelopment of Ocean Park
  • Case 14: The Grand Parc du Puy du Fou and the valorisation of the local heritage
  • Case 15: The enhancement of the urban landscape at International Drive, Orlando
  • 8: The development of theme park destinations
  • Case 16: The transformation of PortAventura into a tourist destination
  • 9: Factors influencing the development process
  • Case 17: Effects on attendance of the addition of a new gate in a multipark destination
  • 10: Basic principles of theme park planning
  • Case 18: Access for the disabled at Disneyland Paris
  • 11: The architectonical design of a theme park
  • Case 19: A flow management model to optimise retail profits at Universal Studios Hollywood
  • 12: Management strategies
  • Case 20: The safety of the attractions at Six Flags parks
  • Case 21: The International Attractions and Amusement Parks Association

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