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Encyclopedia of Arthropod-transmitted Infections

Encyclopedia of Arthropod-transmitted Infections

Edited by M Service, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK

October 2001 / Hardback / 608 Pages / 9780851994734 £135.00 / €180.00 / $260.00
With 10% online discount: £121.50 / €162.00 / $234.00
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Main Description

This major reference work contains essential information on arthropod-borne infections affecting humans and domesticated animals. The encyclopedia is a key reference source for anyone working in medical and veterinary science, and related fields. Features of The Encyclopedia of Arthropod-transmitted Infections are:150 entries, describing arboviral, viral, bacterial and rickettsial, spirochaetal, protozoal and filarial infections, and the vectors that transmit themInformation on disease distribution, clinical symptoms, diagnosis, transmission cycles, vector life-cycles, and treatment and control measures. Figures, tables and photographs illustrate the text. Following each entry is a selected bibliography, to aid further reading on the topicOver 80 different international authors, with expertise in medicine, veterinary science, parasitology, entomology, epidemiology, microbiology, and zoology have contributed to the encyclopedia.

  • 1: African horse sickness
  • 2: Blackflies
  • 3: Cat scratch disease
  • 4: Epidemic haemorrhagic fever
  • 5: Getah virus disease
  • 6: Hepatozoonosis - canine
  • 7: Louse-borne typhus
  • 8: Malaria - avian
  • 9: Malaria - human
  • 10: Nairobi sheep disease
  • 11: Omsk haemorrhagic fever
  • 12: Powassan encephalitis
  • 13: Q fever
  • 14: Rickettsial pox
  • 15: Stratford virus
  • 16: Tataguine virus
  • 17: Triatomine bugs
  • 18: West Nile virus
  • 19: Zika virus
"This book succeeds in presenting in a single, compact volume basic information on a broad range of arthropod-transmitted infectious diseases."
Andrew Taylor-Robinson, Microbiology Today, Oct 2002

"M W Service has assembled an outstanding group of advisers and contributors for this book. The book is comprehensive and well worth buying."
Stephen Higgs & Abelardo C. Moncayo, American Entomologist, Winter 2004