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Tourism and Visual Culture, Volume 2:

Tourism and Visual Culture, Volume 2:

Methods and Cases

Edited by P Burns, Professor of Tourism and Development, University of Brighton, UK, J Lester, Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton, L Bibbings, Principal Lecturer in Learning and Teaching, Oxford Brookes University, UK

June 2010 / Hardback / 240 Pages / 9781845936112 £80.00 / €105.00 / $150.00
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Main Description

The study of tourism as a complex social trend is growing in importance as it receives recognition as a force far more significant than economic, environmental, and social analyses convey. This volume explores tourism as a significant phenomenon in both generating and receiving societies, examining methods and cases that demonstrate, develop, and affirm tourism's essentially visual nature. Tourism-related methodologies such as photographs, souvenirs and advertising material are used to discuss findings.


Researchers and students in tourism and related subjects.

1. Examining the Messages of Contemporary "Tourist Art" in Yucatán, Mexico: Comparing Chichén Itzá and the Puuc Region, Mary Katherine Scott

2. Medialization of Touristic Reality: The Berlin Wall Revisited, Anja Saretzki

3. Vision, translation, rhetoric: constructing heritage in museum exhibitions, Susan L T. Ashley

4. Visual Images of Metaphors in Tourism Advertising, Elmira Djafarova

5. Visual and tourist dimensions of Trentino's Borderscape, Valentina Anzoise and Stefano Malatesta

6. The Campi Flegrei: A Case Study, I. Fusco and G. Lombardi

7. The use of visual products in relation to time-space behaviour of cultural tourists, Christa Barten and Rami Isaac

8. Integrating multiple research methods: A visual sociology approach to Venice, Paolo Parmeggiani

9. Using Volunteer-employed Photography: Seeing St David's Peninsula through the eyes of locals and tourists, Nika Balomenou and Brian Garrod

10. Visual Methodologies and Photographic Practices: Encounters with Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site, Victoria Bell

11. From 'The Dunghill of England' to 'The Jewel of the Commonwealth': Using the concept of tourism image to explore identity and tourism in 19C and early 20C Tasmania, Marian Walker

12. The construction of destinations-Symbolic meanings for destinations and visitors, Albertine van Diepen and Elke Ennen

13. Destination-promoted and visitor-generated images - do they represent similar stories? Iis P. Tussyadiah

14. Photographs in brochures as the representation of induced image in the marketing of destinations: A case study of Istanbul, Gökçe Özdemer

15. Rematerialising Tourism Research through Visual Ethnography, Nissa Ramsay

16. Images of beauty and family. Contemporary imagery at Aquafan, Laura Gemini and Giovanni Boccia Artieri

17. "You Can Do Anything in Goa, India" A Visual Ethnography of Tourism as Neo-colonialism, Ranjan Bandyopadhyay

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