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The Cosmopolitan Parasite

Edited by B Olson, University of Calgary, Canada , M Olson, University of Calgary, Canada , P Wallis, Hyperion Research Ltd, Canada

August 2002 / Hardback / 352 Pages / 9780851996127 £110.00 / €140.00 / $210.00
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Main Description

This book covers all aspects of research into Giardia as an organism and giardiasis the disease. Based on papers presented at the 2000 ‘Giardia in the Rockies conference, held in Alberta, Canada, it contains contributions from leading international experts.Includes chapters on:biochemistry, biology, detection and diagnosishost-parasite relationships, zoonotic transmission and epidemiologytherapeutics and new drug targetswater treatment, legislation and policyGiardia in companion animals, in farm animals, and as a public health problem


Researchers in microbiology, parasitology. Public health workers and those in the water treatment industry.

Part I - Biology of Giardia

Investigation into the life cycle of Giardia: Studies using videomicroscopy and field emission SEM, S Erlandsen, S Weissner and C Ottenwaelter

Giardia cyst wall filaments and N-Acetylgalactosamine synthesis during encystment, E L Jarroll, P T Macechko, P A Steimle et al

Oxygen homeodynamics in Giardia, D Lloyd, J C Harris, G A Biagini et al

Prevalence and infection pattern of naturally acquired giardiasis in beef calves and their dams from birth to weaning, B J Ralston, T A McAllister and M E Olson

Part II - Giardiasis is a Zoonosis

Towards a better understanding of host specificity and the transmission of Giardia: The impact of molecular epidemiology R C A Thompson

A preliminary estimate of the prevalence of Giardia sp. in beavers in Gatineau Park, Quebec, using flow cytometry, B R Dixon, J Bussey, L Parrington et al

A survey of prevalence of Giardia in dogs presented to Canadian veterinary practices, S R Jacobs, C P R Forrester and J Yang

Prevalence of Giardia in companion animal populations in the United States, A Zislin, M Goldstein and D Hustead

Prevalence of Giardia spp. in dogs in Germany, D Barutzki

Giardia in farm animals, R M O'Handley

Part III - Transmission and Pathogenesis of Giardiasis

Giardiasis: Pathophysiology and pathogenesis, A G Buret, K G-E Scott and A C Chin

The role of public health agencies in preventing Giardia outbreaks, N Fok, L Honish, I Zazulak et al

Epidemiologic risk analysis study of Giardia sp. in domestic and wild animals, S E Wade, H O Mohammed, P E Ziegler et al

Giardia immunoprophylaxis and immunotherapy, M E Olson, H Ceri and D W Morck

Part IV - Treating Giardiasis: Pharmacology

Therapeutics and new drug targets for Giardiasis - 2001, J A Reynoldson

Efficacy of Pyrantel embonate, Febantel and Praziquantel against Giardia spp. in naturally infected dogs, D Barutzki, A Schimmel and R Schaper

Evaluation of the therapeutic efficacy of Pyrantel embonate, Febantel and Praziquantel against Giardia spp. in naturally infected adult dogs, A Giangaspero, G Traldi and P Bianciardi

Allium sativum (Garlic) and some of its components are effective antigiardials in vitro, J C Harris, S Plummer, M P Turner et al

Efficacy of Febantel and Pyrantel embonate (Drontal(puppy)) on Giardia infections of dogs and mice: A therapeutic and cytologic study, A Schlüsche, M Grewing, H Mehlhornet al

Effects of Febantel and Pyrantel embonate (Drontal(puppy)) on in vitro cultivated Giardia trophozoites, A Schlüsche, H Mehlhorn, A Schimmel et al

Part V - Drinking Water Treatment and Legal Implications

Update on the control of Giardia in water supplies, W Jakubowski and G F Craun

Rethinking disinfection of Giardia cysts with ultraviolet light: old light through a new window, P M Wallis and A T Campbell

Effect of ultraviolet light on Giardia muris cysts in drinking water determined by loss of infectivity in mice, S A Craik, N N Neumann, D W Smith et al

Occurrence of Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium oocysts in surface and treated waste waters of the Moscow region, Russia, V E Larin and G P Kashkarova

Legislation and policy: Giardia and Cryptosporidium as "Litogens", D W Eryou

Part VI - Taxonomy of Giardia

An overview of Giardia taxonomy, A historical perspective, H van Keulen

Characterisation of a novel genotype of Giardia from a Quenda (Isoodon obesulus) from Western Australia, P J Adams, and R C A Thompson

Phylogenetic relationships between human and calf isolates of Giardia intestinalis, C L Hunt, P A McLenachan, E A Keys et al
"This book presents a most comprehensive up-to-date handbook of Giardia as a protozoic parasite, and giardiasis as a disease in humans and animals."
Jindrich Jira, Central European Journal of Public Health, 11(3) 2003