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Crop Pollination by Bees

Crop Pollination by Bees

By K Delaplane, Department of Entomology, University of Georgia, USA, D Mayer, Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Centre, Washington State University, USA

June 2000 / Hardback / 352 Pages / 9780851994482 £115.00 / €150.00 / $220.00
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Main Description

The collapse of the ubiquitous honey bee population during the past 20 years has caused a pollination vacuum for many crops. Surveys and grower experience indicate that a crisis exists in pollinator populations. This book is an accessible, practical and authoritative research-based guide to using bees for crop pollination. It emphasizes conserving feral bee populations as well as more traditional methods of culturing honey bees and other bees. It addresses the biology of pollination, culturing and managing bees for optimum crop pollination. Individual pollination requirements and recommendations for the world’s main crops are covered in 36 short chapters that make up the second part of the book.


Entomology, crop science, plant breeding, ecology.

Benefits of Bee Pollination

Bee Pollination

Bees: An Overview

Bee Conservation

Honey Bees: Biology and Status as Pollinators

Honey Bees: Simplified Bee-keeping for Pollination

Honey Bees: Managing Honey Bees for Pollination

Bumble Bees

Alkali Bees

Other Soil Nesting Bees

Alfalfa Leafcutting Bees

Orchard Mason Bees

Carpenter Bees

Bees and Pesticides

Lucerne Seed



Asparagus Seed


Bean (Lima)

Bean (Common, Green, Snap)

Beet Seed



Cabbage and Other Crucifer Seeds

Canola Seed ( Oilseed Rape)


Carrot Seed

Cherry (Sweet, Sour)

Clover Seed (Alsike)

Clover Seed (Crimson)

Clover Seed (Red)

Clover Seed (White, ‘Ladino’)

Clover Seed (Sweet Clovers)





Onion Seed

Peach and Nectarine


Pepper (Bell, Green, Sweet)

Plum and Prune



Squash, Pumpkin and Gourd


Sunflower Seed



Priorities in Technology Development, Research and Education

    "In all, a fine, truly readable and eminently practical book which anyone who works in the pollination sector should not be without... Highly recommended".
    John Phipps, Bee Biz, September 2002