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The aim was to establish plant regeneration system from anthers of Capsicum annuum var. grossum. The influence factors on embryo induction and differentiation were studied. The results showed that the influences of medium compositions on embryo induction were in the order of NAA > basal medium >...

Zhang TianXiang; Lin ZongKen; Cai KunXiu; Yang JunJie; Cao MingHua
Science Press
Journal of Tropical and Subtropical Botany, 2016, 24, 3, pp 296-301
CAB ReviewFull Text

The field of forest genomics is rapidly expanding, and many new potential uses of the genetic information gained are being developed. Some of these uses are primarily economic in nature, such as increasing the growth rate of trees and increasing yields for woody biomass, or producing trees with...

July 2016
commercialization; economic analysis; forest trees; forests; genomes; genomics; research; research projects; technology transfer; trees
Porth, I.; Bull, G. Q.; Cool, J.; Gelinas, N.; Griess, V. C.
News Article

Scientists have identified genetic traits in cattle that might allow farmers to breed livestock with increased resistance to bovine tuberculosis...

February 2014
AbstractFull Text

This study was conducted to establish an in vitro propagation system for sea-milkwort (Glaux maritima L.), which is an endangered coastal plant species with high horticultural value. Two phenotypes, 'Red type (RT)' and 'Pistachio type (PT)' based on the colors of stem and flower, were obtained from...

Bae SuJi; Kang BeumChang; Jeong MiHye; Kim SooChong; Kim ChangKil; Han JeungSul
Korean Society for Horticultural Science
Korean Journal of Horticultural Science & Technology, 2016, 34, 3, pp 461-471

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