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Genome-wide association analyses provide genetic and biochemical insights into natural variation in rice metabolism.

Plant metabolites are important to world food security in terms of maintaining sustainable yield and providing food with enriched phytonutrients. Here we report comprehensive profiling of 840 metabolites and a further metabolic genome-wide association study based on ~6.4 million SNPs obtained from...

Chen Wei; Gao YanQiang; Xie WeiBo; Gong Liang; Lu Kai; Wang WenSheng; Li Yang; Liu XianQing; Zhang HongYan; Dong HuaXia; Zhang Wan; Zhang LeJing; Yu SiBin; Wang GongWei; Lian XingMing; Luo Jie
Nature Publishing Group
Nature Genetics, 2014, 46, 7, pp 714-721
CAB ReviewFull Text

Improvement of the oil quality of the main oil crops.

The growing demand for vegetable oils will increase even more in the near future because of their fundamental role in human and animal nutrition, increasing interest in their non-food applications as biofuel, lubricants, biopolymers, paints, etc. and the rising price of fossil fuels. The...

August 2014
crop quality; fatty acids; genes; genetic engineering; genetic improvement; genetic transformation; genetic variation; plant oils; rape; reviews; soyabeans; sunflowers; swede rape; transgenic plants
Baldini, M.; Ferfuia, C.; Vischi, M.
News Article

Genetic find might lead to cattle that are more resistant to TB

Scientists have identified genetic traits in cattle that might allow farmers to breed livestock with increased resistance to bovine tuberculosis...

February 2014
AbstractFull Text

A brown planthopper resistant and high grain quality rice variety 'Anmi' developed by molecular breeding method.

'Anmi' is a new BPH (Brown planthopper) resistant japonica rice cultivar possessing the Bph18 gene derived from wild rice, Oryza australiensis and high yield potential with good grain quality. 'Anmi' was derived from a cross 'Junam' and 'IR65482-7-216-1-2' by a molecular marker assisted backcross...

Suh JungPil; Jeung JiUng; Kim YeonGyu; Jena, K. K.; Cho YoungChan; Lee JeomHo; Kim MyeongKi; Hong HaCheol; Lee JongHee; Kim JeongJu; Choi ImSoo; Jeong EungGi; Hwang HungGoo; Oh SeaKwan; Yang ChangDin; Shin MunSik
The Korean Society of Breeding Science
Korean Journal of Breeding Science, 2014, 46, 2, pp 152-159

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