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Gene editing could boost pig sperm stocks from prized animals

The surrogates have functional testes but do not have specialised stem cells that are required to produce sperm containing their own genetic...

January 2017
David Hemming

Speciation by hybridization has long been recognized among plants and includes both homoploid and allopolyploid speciation. The numbers of presumed hybrid species averages close to 11% and tends to be concentrated in a subset of angiosperm families. Recent advances in molecular methods have...

Smith, J. F.; Clark, J. L.; Amaya-Márquez, M.; Marín-Gómez, O. H.
Elsevier B.V.
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 2017, 106, pp 228-240
CAB ReviewFull Text

The prediction of complex or quantitative traits from single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotypes has transformed livestock and plant breeding, and is also playing an increasingly important role in prediction of human disease. Genomic predictions are made using a prediction equation derived from...

December 2016
accuracy; Bayesian theory; domestic animals; genetic gain; genetic markers; genomes; genomics; linkage disequilibrium; livestock; microsatellites; quantitative trait loci; reviews; selection; single nucleotide polymorphism; traits
Wang TingTing; Chen YiPing [Chen, Y. P. P. ]; Hayes, B.
AbstractFull Text

Maize is one of the most cultivated cereals in the world, and in order to obtain high yields adequate weed control is essential. However, the use of herbicides may compromise the beneficial effects of the actions of natural enemies, among them the egg parasitoid Trichogramma pretiosum. The aim of...

Pasini, R. A.; Grützmacher, A. D.; Spagnol, D.; Zantedeschi, R.; Friedrich, F. F.
Centro de Ciencias Agrarias da Universidade Federal do Ceara
Revista Ciência Agronômica, 2017, 48, 1, pp 175-181

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