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Reproductive cell death (RCD) occurs after one or more cell divisions resulting from an insult such as radiation exposure or other treatments with carcinogens or mutagens. The radioadaptive response for RCD is usually investigated by in vitro or in vivo clonogenic assay. To date, this has not been...

Tang HuangQi; Chen LiangWen; Liu JiaLu; Shi Jue; Li QingQing; Wang Ting; Wu LiJun; Zhan FuRu; Bian Po
Radiation Research Society
Radiation Research, 2016, 185, 4, pp 402-410
CAB ReviewFull Text

Alpha-amylase inhibitors (α-Als) belong to the family of defence proteins which impede the digestion through their action on digestive α-amylases. These inhibitors have natural roles in the control of endogenous α-amylase activity or in defence against pathogens and pests. Certain inhibitors have...

March 2016
alpha-amylase; defence mechanisms; enzyme activity; enzyme inhibitors; enzymes; kinetics; plant pathogens; plant pests; reviews
Rimaljeet Kaur; Gupta, A. K.; Narinder Kaur
News Article

Scientists have identified genetic traits in cattle that might allow farmers to breed livestock with increased resistance to bovine tuberculosis...

February 2014
AbstractFull Text

NoxA is an important NADPH oxidase in fungi and is involved in several signaling development processes. It is well characterized in ascomycetes, but has remained obscure in basidiomycetes. In this study, we cloned and sequenced a NoxA homolog gene, named PoNoxA, from the basidiomycete, Pleurotus...

Zuo YongTao; Yang QianLong; Li YinFeng; Zhang Jun; Qi YuanCheng; Gao YuQian; Song AnDong; Shen JinWen; Qiu LiYou
Academia Publishing House
Academia Journal of Agricultural Research, 2016, 4, 4, pp 218-229

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