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Embryo rescue of interspecific hybrids of Hydrangea macrophylla.

Two interspecific hybrids of Hydrangea macrophylla 'Magical Diamond' × H. arborescens 'Naihan' and H. macrophylla 'Snowballs' × H. arborescens 'Naihan' were used for embryo rescue in tissue culture with different content of hormones. The results indicated that the optimal media formulation for bud...

Chen YiDong; Yu ShuJun; Yang YuYong
Journal of Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering
Journal of Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering, 2015, 28, 1, pp 17-20
CAB ReviewFull Text

An overview of plant pathology and application of next-generation sequencing technologies.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms became available commercially about a decade ago. They provide highly efficient, rapid, and low-cost high-throughput and deep DNA sequencing. They are being continually improved to become faster, more efficient and cheaper and have been used in biology...

April 2015
detection; DNA replication; DNA sequencing; epidemiology; genomics; microbial ecology; plant parasitic nematodes; plant pathogenic bacteria; plant pathogenic fungi; plant pathogens; plant pathology; plant pests; plant viruses; transcription
Barba, M.; Hadidi, A.
News Article

Genetic find might lead to cattle that are more resistant to TB

Scientists have identified genetic traits in cattle that might allow farmers to breed livestock with increased resistance to bovine tuberculosis...

February 2014
AbstractFull Text

The influence of a slow-release multi-trace element ruminal bolus on trace element status, number of ovarian follicles and pregnancy outcomes in synchronized Afshari ewes.

Published data on the effects of ruminal bolus on the number of ovulatory follicles in ewes does not exist. The present study determined the effects of a ruminal bolus on trace element status, follicular dynamics and reproductive performance in ewes. Eighty Afshari cycling ewes were synchronized...

Abdollahi, E.; Kohram, H.; Shahir, M. H.; Nemati, M. H.
Shiraz University
Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research, 2015, 16, 1, pp 63-68

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