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Cover for Discus rotundatus (rotund disc)

Discus rotundatus, commonly known as rotund disc, is a small snail with a flattened disc-shaped shell. It one of the most widespread...

Cover for Bemisia tabaci (MED) (silverleaf whitefly)

The exact origin of the MED species of Bemisia tabaci, and the reasons why it became such an important pest are still not fully...

Cover for Omorgus suberosus (hide beetle)

Omorgus suberosus is a species of hide beetle which is widely distributed throughout its native range of South and North...

Cover for Rugosa rugosa (wrinkled frog)

Rugosa rugosa, commonly known as wrinkled frog, is endemic to Japan. It can be found in a broad range of aquatic habitats, including...


Juncus ensifolius is a mostly pioneering or ruderal species of rush that readily establishes in disturbed wet soils, often from...

Cover for Eleutherodactylus planirostris (greenhouse frog)

E. planirostris is a direct development frog native to Cuba, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. It has been introduced to countries...

Cover for Vulpes vulpes (red fox)

Native to Europe, Asia, North Africa and boreal regions of North America, Vulpes vulpes (the red fox) have been introduced into Australia...

Cover for Chondrilla juncea (rush skeletonweed)

C. juncea is a herbaceous biennial or perennial plant native to parts of Western Europe, north Africa and central Asia. It was...

Cover for Pomoxis nigromaculatus (black crappie)

The black crappie is a freshwater fish, which has been widely introduced as a game species throughout North America. It is omnivorous, and in...

Cover for Sepedon aenescens (snail-killing fly)

Sepedon aenescens is a species of marsh fly, otherwise known as a snail-killing fly. It has blueish-black metallic colouration and...

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