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Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Ardisia elliptica

Ardisia elliptica

A. elliptica is one of the world’s 100 worst invasive alien species (Lowe et al., 2004). This ornamental shrub has been widely...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for bovine theilerioses

bovine theilerioses

The genus Theileria The theilerioses are tick-borne protozoan diseases of domestic animals caused by...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Nelsonia canescens

Nelsonia canescens

Within and outside its native distribution range, N. canescens is an herbaceous species that often grows in disturbed and open...

Datasheet (Full)

Datura ferox

D. ferox is an annual plant that has become a significant weed of summer crops in many subtropical and warm temperate parts of the...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Rhagoletis mendax

Rhagoletis mendax

R. mendax is a damaging pest of blueberry in North...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Tyto alba

Tyto alba

T. alba was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands and Seychelles Islands to control invasive rat populations; it has also been...

Datasheet (Full)

Indigofera hirsuta

I. hirsuta is an herbaceous legume native to Africa, tropical Asia, and parts of the Indian subcontinent and Australia (Duke 1981,...

Datasheet (Full)
Cover for Aceria guerreronis

Aceria guerreronis

The coconut mite, Aceria guerreronis, is considered the most important pest of coconuts in the Americas, Africa and most recently in...

Datasheet (Full)

Xanthium spinosum

X. spinosum is a highly invasive plant classified as one of the world’s worst weeds, and is now widely distributed throughout...

Datasheet (Full)

Callinectes sapidus

The blue crab, Callinectes sapidus, is of major interest to fisheries in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Western Atlantic. It...

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